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August 01, 2013


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peggy gatto

Such a beautiful observation!
Letting go is hard so we can move on....


This letting go... is such a marker, a turning point, an amazing act of love... he will fly, true to heart, always... much love to you on your son's leap into life Rebecca... XO

Sue Fox

I remember it well, as yesterday, his room so silent, no more antics, no more socks flung a-top the wardrobe missing for months! Now years later the music he brings to my heart after he learnt his lines, traveled the world and nested his own little chickadee - letting go is painful but it's harvest is bountiful! Hugs x


Well stated. Watching them go is indeed bittersweet. Mine have gone and returned, and although it is good to have them around, the idea that they are fending for themselves proves that they have gone on their way.
Hold on to the memories.



I agree, my third child is starting his senior year and I am already feeling as if he's leaving .... it all goes by so very fast....

Wabi Sabi

Bittersweet, indeed! Watching them fly, holding your breath as they go, praying for fair winds, and then the joy of seeing them soar!!


Dear Rebecca, Heart aches and breaks at every stage of life.The Asian culture is a bit different where the family, including grown up children live together as one unit. This could even include extended families, like uncles aunts cousins and grandparents. It is only the girl child who bids farewell to her family after marriage to adopt another family, that of her husband.
My daughter who is just twenty may soon be doing the same, when the time comes, and that will be devastating then for me.


Life's significant moment well-described. I like to think goodbyes are not forever.


Rebecca, you will be even more proud of him as he continues his "man" journey, and your love will always be there for him. Good luck to him. xo


love life's jump
into it

fortunate you
to have such
heart*sweet memories !!

i have no idea
how one
would let go ...
could let go ...

{{ i am over here


to let

of myself }}

Robin aka Gotham Girl

I don't have children, but I sure know how my mother felt when all of her girls left!


Oh! How well I know this feeling Rebecca.
My little one graduated and on her way to the Philippines tomorrow...
and my son long moved out
and turning 23 on Wednesday.
Beautiful children.
My heart is full.

Karen, Something Written

A bittersweet time for sure! Know that you have taught him how to fly well, and it's never goodbye, always "see you later"!


Letting go is indeed very difficult. I know you have taught him to brave greatly just by your example. My love to you all.

Deb Taylor

Oh My Dear Goodness,

I know this so well. The most painful ache in a Mothers letting them go. Yet we prepare them all their life for this moment, it does not make it any easier. My heart is with you.

Reading Pleasure

Oh Rebecca, my first boy is in boarding school and the first time he left for school it was as if my heart was breaking. And it breaks a little any time he comes for holidays and he is going back to school.

It is not easy. But take heart that he is well guided by all the values you taught him and he has your love to keep him warm. Lovely weekend dear friend


If "good-bye" is too hard, then try "aloha"!


After the parent get-acquainted lunch and had settled our youngest in his dorm, I held back the tears. But once hubby and I were in the car for the trip back home, I cried all the way home. Parents have a hard job, that of raising a child to be ready to leave the nest. When they do, it's a sign of a job well done, even if it causes pain.

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