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August 16, 2013


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Laura Hegfield

so true dear Rebecca... beautiful images and words... I feel myself unfolding in the morning light, listening to the birds outside my window.

Wabi Sabi

Thank you for scattering joy every week!


Oh, my goodness! I just caught one of those stars! :)


Summer is wonderful,
make you believe anything is possible!
And the truth is...
everything is possible!
Thank you summer
and thank YOU dear Rebecca♥♥


Joining in your summer song...



{{ oh yes
how comfortable
to B back
here with you ♥
of jOy !! }}

~~~ floating on a song ~~~

i am love*crushing
on that image ...

Roz Cawley

I am always drawn to the peace-giving tranquility of still water - the lilies are a precious, transient gift of summer. So lovely.

Kim MAilhot

I have been dreaming of lily pads and water lilies from the lake where I spent summers growing up. That pungent sweet scent of summer's heat that lays around them...mmmm. Headed to the latke late next week to breath in the sights, sounds and smells...

Happy summer loving to you, Beautiful Rebecca.

Reading Pleasure

lovely summer song. Have a glorious weekend, Rebecca


YES! Joyful heart full of love flourishing here Rebecca. xx


You make summer sound wonderful (even tho it is really, really hot and STICKY here! :) But I love summer anyway.


Darling Rebecca, stars sprinkle round where ever you go... my heart is singing with such joy in seeing you soon so we can giggle beneath the stars of the sky and orbit together in the wonder of this mystery of life... XO

Deb Taylor

returning to you
my words are few

Andrea thompson

Water lillies! Oh so pretty, they also remind me of childhoods at the lake, same as my sweet peas!


You have captured the essence of summer beautifully dear rebecca!! The scenes of a cool summer stillness!! The lily pond forms a silent screen for quiet meditation!! What better place to be in during summer!!

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