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July 15, 2013


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I love the flame of your belief!


Now THAT'S an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that I've never seen before! :)


Oh My Goodness. I am wondering if Marylyn Monroe ever visited Guadalupe. Interesting photo. Your prayer is beautiful. Be well, Rebecca.

Sue Fox

See what you did, you ignited a spark of enthusiasm within me to connect! That's the power of Mary, I love how this happens through her beauty...

Hugs x


What a beautiful prayer. Thank you for giving these words to us all.
What a wonderful image. It would go along nicely with other depictions I have seen. Who is the artist?

Much Peace

Maggie Grace

This is intensely beautifully written. I was so wrapped up in your words and feeling every bit of it. Such a loving feeling. Hoping I'm not too late to post. Your haiku is beautiful too...trailblazing on the path of love ♥

Laurie Zuckerman

Evenings with Mary, Rebecca.

As I was leaving our new Museum of Discovery this afternoon, (where I am currently painting for the public), I noticed a huge plaque on the wall in the lobby, honoring each and every firefighter's name who perished in the Yarnell fire. It hung next to a display about Fort Collins' own High Park fire, that devastated our community last summer. Obviously our community feels a great empathy for Prescott, Arizona, I am pleased to report.


I'm happy to know that the card arrived safely. You are such an encouraging lady; I am so blessed to have you in my life, even from afar!


What a glorious painting of Guadalupe. Incredible. I must take pictures of my saints and Madonna to share with you.

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