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July 29, 2013


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thank you for allowing me to share my blog with you. i discovered you through lynne hoppe, one of my favorite people.


It takes a visionary to capture the Holy Elusive.


I am always amazed at the beautiful Marys you post here. I used to do a little wood carving, and I know how tedious this is. These are awesome!

Robin aka Gotham Girl

These carvings are amazing. I must add Guanajuanto to my list the next time I visit my girlfriend in SMA!

Hettienne Grobler

Breathtaking!! None of my words can add to this beauty! thank you for sharing it with us. blessings, Hettienne

becca givens

Exquisite work. Thank you for sharing. Hae a blessed week!!


plum took all the air
out of my body
looking at these carvings ...

isn't art The Best Thing
for helping you find yourself ??

me ??
i have high hopes to post a mary

but today i went Traveling

{{ yes plans still Sweetly in place
for SMA ...

my, yes !!

2 months
3 weeks
4 days

who is counting ?? }}



Astounding! I thank you for sharing
the beauty I would never find on my own.

I am quite astounded in myself
for losing a day...
I am not sure why I thought yesterday was I losing it already???

Nevertheless I will visit each person here
and I will be forgiven.

Love to you Rebecca
on this TUESDAY
and on every day. ♥♥♥

Maggie Grace

Sculptors have always amazed me...that art form. To see what must go and what must stay in their mind. These photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them, Rebecca ♥


magnificent shots of a painstakingly, arduous mode of art!


I so loved being in this studio... where the art of letting go... of letting layer upon layer peel away... sings from the wood being set free... xo

peggy gatto

Incredible carvings, never have I seen such beauty...each one!!!

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