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July 22, 2013


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You have a way about you...
Perfect post Rebecca.

Hettienne Grobler

I love it how we connect somewhere in heart space and share the same aspect of the journey, love to you


Wonderful morning Rebecca. I send you blessings and wish good health for you. Have a wonderful day.


The Buechner quote speaks to my heart...


Life - His greatest gift and grace to us. We are lucky to have it and to have HIM through his Beloved Mother.


Life is definitely a mystery!

Maggie Grace

How long it took me to understand the meaning of "grace" in my life. I love that it's now my name. I wasn't thinking the spiritual meaning but it has become that...or I am reminded of that often. Thank you for this wonderful place of sharing our feelings for Mary.


More and more... I see, feel, touch, taste, hear, & sense... these listening moments... it takes but a moment, to stop and just be... how easy it is to forget that simple gesture, that portal to grace... thank you for holding the light for us to remember... XO


All moments are key moments. Love that.

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