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July 01, 2013


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Mark M. Redfearn

Rebecca, I thank you, and the broken hearts of those who are left behind will one day thank you as well for your words for comfort, hope, and inspiration. Now, however, is a time for tears...


tears, yes.


what heart-breaking news. our country is being inundated with floods in some areas and parched burning land in others. I hardly know how to form a prayer for such diverse catastrophes.


Rebecca, My heart aches for you and your community, these beautiful men and their families... this is such sadness... all I know to do is be here... and witness your offering of words and image... Be here. With you. I love you so.

Wabi Sabi

Oh this is such heart wrenching news reaching me today! My heart goes out to you and everyone who is suffering from this horrific fire. Prayers for you and all who are in pain today.

Margaret Lambert

The tears keep coming. No doubt they are heroes, having saved hundreds of homes before yesterday's battle. May their souls be ever blessed.


I am utterly sorry to learn of this
unheralded tragedy. It is heart-wrenching
to think of all of those brave men
swallowed up so quickly without a chance to say good-bye...
Praying for their families
is all I know to do.
Your words are beautiful.

Maggie Grace

Your words are beautiful and heartfelt and I feel the tragedy and anguish as well...for the men and their families as well as the land and all that it held. I wish I had more eloquent words.


Deeply and profoundly heartbreaking. I've posted prayers for the repose of their souls on my blog prayer list.


Much sadness.


no words. Deeply saddened. Wrapping prayers around all effected by this tragedy.

Laurie Zuckerman

It has taken me most of the day to be able to face reading your words on your blog, Rebecca. But they are beautiful, and I glad I have finally mustered the courage to read them. I hope that all of your neighbors and families of the firefighters can read them, too, and find a bit of solace.

Kim Mailhot

Such tragedy...
Sending abundant prayers of love and light to all of the tender hearts touched by this.


your words weave beauty through this tangle of a tragic life event. so many years living in AZ, we watched closely the summer fires and wicked winds that would carry the flames. returning to hike areas once green, then scorched and barely recognizable and yet in that barren and ash, signs of new life reaching through. our hearts are with all in the this area, the brave fallen heroes and the heartbroken families left behind, and those that will continue to walk the front lines of fires. we send our love across the winds to all.


our hearts and all our love go out to you and your community...

you have written so soulfully of what resides in so many minds now dear Rebecca.

Shelly Worob

Thank you, Rebecca. Your weaving of words is so beautiful.


Your words are of sadness and hope. My heart reaches out to you and the families of these brave protectors of the forests.


What a beautiful tribute.


you have such a talent with words be woven together to ignite the heart! my tears were welling when reading Maggie's touching post; now they are spilling over. such a sad and tragic turn of events for those brave young men!

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