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July 26, 2013


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Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca...for this lovely Friday treat. Well for a change I am first here..


Mark M. Redfearn

I want to walk through that gate and pick up a star or two!


Summer rains freshen the surroundings and lift spirits up!


This is beautiful Rebecca. I never thought of rain as having color, but now I see it takes on the color of everything it touches. How creative of you to show that! It's inspiring. Imagine, life-giving water has color. Beautifully done!


I love leaning into the sweetness of small words with everyone who comes here on Friday morning!


Exquisite photos and beautiful words here to greet me. A small thunderstorm rolled through yesterday afternoon while I was sitting pn the patio. Just hard enough to make me go inside so I wouldn't get soaked. The Thunderclap was more of a demanding statement than a loud bolt, warning me that the water was coming.
It was over quickly, and the Grandfather sun came out and immersed everything in his light. The colors were indeed vibrant through the rain and the sun. Wonderful.


Laura Hegfield

This is an exceptional haiku Rebecca! Perhaps you'll consider sharing your gorgeous photos with I Heart Macro this week... the ones above would be perfect (I use the term macro loosely).... I imagine your participation would bring more viewers to your beautiful blog. Have a wonder-filled week my friend.

Wabi Sabi

What a gorgeous haiku you have shared today - I will think about the color of rain all day today as we experience some rain (finally) Thank you!


And small words like these
are just the reason
I love you Rebecca
and the rest of the
haiku family too.


""stars lay on the floor of dawn""

perfection times 100 !!

i wrote This
on a scrap of {pink} paper
to carry in my pocket
i love it so much
this line ♥

{{ truly
i want to Marry this line, missy }}


Dear Rebecca, You gave us a glimpse of Paradise in the delicate words of your haiku today!!Beautiful rains and the colors that you get to see with it. Monsoon rains still in progress here but the air breathes fresh and the crystal droplets creating pretty looking sparkles. Hoping to catch the rainbow someday soon.


Rain sparkles like stars here this morning as well. Must be raining all over the world.

Deb Taylor

I am drinking in
the color of rain
with you on this day


too few showers here, will drink in the drops from your garden...


Reading Pleasure

Beautiful, Rebecca


stunning images and words! I love how you interlace your phrases with such dazzling descriptions!

Andrea thompson

As always, perfect words to go with stunning photos!! Love my visit here today!

peggy gatto

I love the smell of summer rain, delicious!

Maggie Grace

Your haiku is exquisite, Rebecca. Beautifully woven second line and I am in love with "the color of rain". Sending you sweet loving thoughts ♥

Susie Clevenger

"Stars lay on the floor of dawn" Beautiful

Robin aka Gotham Girl

I am so in love with..."the color of rain." So special!

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