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July 18, 2013


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Sue Fox

This lady looks like how I feel, but jumping anyway! ;~)X


I love the girl. She's ready to plunge into the water. Plenty of that going on here on the Midwest lakes this season.
Your spirit moves me. To keep the faith of a child amidst what you deal with on a daily basis is nothing less than a miracle. Thank you for your positive outlook and very wise advice about how to live from the heart.

Much Peace sent your way


I still fear swimming!! :) Took the plunge many a times and each time it was like the first time!! The Swim girl too looks a bit afraid to take that plunge, just like me!! :D It so reminded me of myself!! ;)


Each day I try to forget the "weight of things" but it's hard. I keep trying. I love your swim doll. She looks very crafty.


i have but a moment
i love
your swim*girl
ready for her plunge
her expressive eyes
""what have i done??
here i go ANYWAY ...""

{{ so good to B
with you all
this day
thinking deeply
how art & poetry
surrounds us
& keeps us a~float
during challenging times

thank-you }}

Wabi Sabi

Your gentle, encouraging words nourish me today more than you will ever know. Thank you.


Your haiku makes me want to take the plunge too!

Karen, Something Written

Oh, I love your swim girl, and her bravery!

Kim Mailhot

We are playing with the same theme today, Beautiful ! Here's to jumping in and staying cool, and most of all, following our bliss !
Happy summer to you, Darling Heart !


how much do I love swim-girl!
I am happy to be here again
among the loving energy
of the world's most magical gathering place.
I am sorry for my absence,
sometimes I feel too fragile
for the internet.
♥Love♥ xo


Daring greatly is one way to live fully. She will be brave.

peggy gatto

I love the fun of this haiku, and good advice!!! Swim girl is just so cute!


oh, Rebecca, my eyes were deceiving me! I finally saw that swim girl had a floaty around her, I saw a snake! I was thinking, she must be REALLY BRAVE jumping in the water with a snake wrapped around her! I felt like she looks one time- for the final test in a college swimming class, we had to dive in or jump feet first from the high dive. I chose the latter because I couldn't dive AND hold my nose. So...I probably looked just like her.
thank you, your posts touch me in so many ways! love and peace being blown your way.


Diving right into and love, summer and experiences

with you and your lovely swim girl!!


Dearest Rebecca, we both wrote today about fear... you jumping, me facing. Being. All that we are. So grateful to be a part of this circle of words and offerings. Much love to you as we plunge into life with all our heart... XOXOXO


No fear - a late coming rule for my life.

Reading Pleasure

Such an inspiring photo and haiku


diving to escape the fearful heat


beautiful capture...lovely words!

Laura Hegfield

thank you rebecca... may we all be held whenever we plunge into something new.

Maggie Grace

I have saved this page hoping to read and comment. But even magnified, without a headache, too much reading makes me dizzy. Please forgive me. I just read a bunch I'd saved from over a week ago and must retire for now. Will be glad when head/eye issues are resolved.

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Love that reference "lover of small words"! Your poetry is inspiring.

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