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July 11, 2013


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what a wonderful photo, I thought you made it a mirror image at first glance! Happy day!


I can attest that Fridays here is exactly what I yearn for. Your words are eloquent and spot on.

Peace, Love and Hugs


Wow!! What and extraordinarily beautiful picture and the beauty of the words!!! Such a joy filled post!! Have a grand weekend!!!

Deb Taylor

afternoon delight
the pleasures to be a moth
your garden of love

( awesome photo Rebecca !!)

artmusedog and carol

Love the 'holy noon duet' line - lovely haiku and fantastic photo ~ Happy Weekend to you.


Great capture and wonderfully described. The 'holy noon duet' - nice one.

Laura Hegfield

most often it IS the small things that bring delight and awakening! Beautiful photo Rebecca!


A "nooner" becomes a holy noon duet.
LOVE it rebecca.

Kim Mailhot

Ohhh, and what a beautiful garden you have helped create, Awesome One!
Love and light to you!

Wabi Sabi

I'm not sure if what I wrote today is really haiku, but it is what is in my heart! I'm a grandma!! Thank you for this unique place to share our hearts with one another. I love your photo and words, as always - so loving and beautiful!

Karen, Something Written

Amazing what one can see when we take the time to really look!


what a great capture!!! I've never seen such BEE intimacy!

No Haiku this morning but some wonderful, inspirational art and links to share.

Hoping things are cooling down there


Beautiful garden delights!! God made them all, a magical place where Mother Nature does her part!!

Reading Pleasure

a duel of hearts. lovely haiku

Maggie Grace

Amazing the macro photography and your writing is exquisite! My offering this weeks was done for another prompt but belongs with you ♥


The first line of your haiku was so delicious that I stole it for my very own! :)


Finally, a moment of quiet to come and bask in your words and image... no haiku from me this week, but I am here! :-) So grateful for this garden of belonging and for you... I am so grateful for small things and for your big love... XOXOXO


OMG is what came out of my mouth when I encountered your breathtaking image!
I love that you find sacredness in such entities as insects.

Ramesh Sood

So very beautiful...picture and haiku both..You know what Rebecca..I thought I left link on Friday...but with no visitors came to recheck and found it wasn't there..some error from my side.. No, can't miss out on HMH...a place I love to be at..


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