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June 13, 2013


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peggy gatto

Nature inspires us, a picture brings on so many thoughts and brings to mind so many interpretations, lovely!!!


Ahhhhh, perfect. I'm sure I'd have waited until more petal blossoms have grown to get the results I wanted when playing that game.
And blinding, yes indeed. Love is blinding.

Much peace and admiration sent your way

Deb Taylor

Summer loves you.
and so do I.

Wabi Sabi

Happy Friday morning! Pink is my favorite color to be blinded by - unless yellow is blooming...or orange.... or red! Thank you for pink on a dark and rainy day!


When we were little girls, we used to chant that "he loves me, he loves me not" :) Thanks for bringing a sweet memory alive again. Happy Friday, Rebecca.


To be blinded by Love is
the greatest gift!
You can be sure...
everything and everybody
loves You!

Karen, Something Written

The whole world is seen through rose coloured glasses when one is in love. And pink is such a pretty colour!


Beautiful! Loving you always.


ahhhh summer love!!!!



Ah yes love. I remember it well.:) Beautiful post. Have a wonderful weekend Rebecca and thx for stopping by. Take care. I'm off to cut the ends of string beans froom the garden. Tons of them.:) Be happy.


ooh, almost like fireworks beauty on the tree and under it! I would be ecstatic to have one of these trees in my yard. :)

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