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June 20, 2013


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Beautiful lady in blue. Wow, third year of Haiku my Heart. Congratulations!

Joining Haiku my Heart has given me some of the most beautiful moments I could feel in my blogging experience. Thank you Rebecca for hosting.


No, dear Rebecca, it is you that needs to be thanked, for giving us this outlet and refuge from the onslaughts of daily life, and a place where friendships shine.

Much Peace sent your way

Andrea thompson

Yes, there IS always beauty here, thanks for making it happen! (As for the bonsai pruning part, i wish i was better at that... I have just accidentally killed a second bonsai, two in my life is too many, i feel so guilty. I am just not a gardener apparently)
Happy first day of summer!

Sue Fox

Oh you have me in a 'celestial spin' my love, may we loop forever!
Hugs :~)xxx

Mark M. Redfearn

No place else I'd rather be on Friday! Thank you for making this hangout available.

Wabi Sabi

And what a wonderful place to 'haiku forever.' Thank you, thank you!

Deb Taylor

Forever Fridays
I will return to your Love
With simple language

Kim Mailhot

Thank you for giving this family such a sweet home and a heart-y upbringing, Magnificent One !
I have been away, but today, I am home for a sweet visit. Feels so good.
Happy Solstice, Beautiful Creator !
Much Love !


you are
the fountain,
the life-source
of so many beautiful things.
The haiku family
is just one.
I love you♄


Congratulations and Thank you dear Rebecca for "Haiku My Heart" this 3rd anniversary.
It has become our sacred sanctuary,a place to share our words, love, friendship.
my love to you dearest one forever.


THREE years of BEing together
in this sacred little spot

how appropriate that this is the solstice and we begin this journey 'round the sun again at it's high point.



May the circle be unbroken. Thanks for providing this place where we can share.


Rebecca... I am here, on this third year of your casting wide the net for our words and heart... I am here. I am letting go of being here in all the old ways, and will dip my toe back in when I can. Thank you for holding open this window to our hearts... XO


oh oh ...
your lady in blue
from friday to friday !!

~~ the best part
of waking up
on friday ~~

you are FAB & sweet
for hostessing this poetry party

the writers you have gathered
are inspirational +

{{ i painted a blue lady myself
this very morning
i am Mister Linky challenged
you know ...
so i am 2 times in your list ...
v v sorry ...

wonky vision
& all }}

Maggie Grace

Today is a glorious first day of summer to haiku my heart. Congratulations on having celebrated three years. Happy to have found you!


imagine that, 3 years! and I have come to appreciate this spot so much. I'm late a joining, but so happy I have come to know your talent and that of other magnificent souls who venture here.

Lisa S.

All this time I've been wanting to do this....better late than never. It's a wonderful thing you do. <3


Glad you are back Rebecca. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Haiku Fridays. It is a pleasure for me. You do seem to give pleasure to a lot of people! xo


Congratulations on three years. Helen and I Haiku's on Wednesdays and perhaps we can I can talk her to come here on fridays and we will Haiku here. Beautiful Haiku and congrats again.:)


Congratulations Rebecca on completing three full years of Friday's here!! I missed a few in between and so this time around there are three cheers for the three years that have gone by!!

Please delete #30 here as I linked it accidentally!! My contributions today are #31 to #33.

Laura Hegfield

love love love... only love to you dear Rebecca!

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