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June 27, 2013


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Reading Pleasure

Your haiku is beautiful, Rebecca


A stunning shot - the color is one of my faves - and such beautiful haiku - just make Fridays grand.

Kim Mailhot

Always a sweet bouquet of haiku flowers here !
Happy Friday, Beautiful Rebecca. Bushels of light and love to you.

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

A beautiful love story, it is! Love the floral shot, too...beautiful!


ahhhh summer love



Beautiful Haiku. Wonderful photo. Have a glorious day Rebecca.:)


Falling head over heels is good anytime, don't you think? :)


wow, I'd say that IS true love!
love the haiku and the stunning flower!
may peace and rest be with you and your weekend, dear lady!


The Summers come with their own charm!! One really cannot resist but fall in love at the sight of these beautiful insects!!
The luminescent light is chiefly produced as a signal between the sexes, especially in flashes!! Lovely glowing love bugs!! :)


Let us all tumble into summer and the love of your haiku. Thank you Rebecca for having us here with you celebrating this enduring love and all things beautiful... XOXOXO


As always sharing love with you dear one. Can you feel it surrounding you?? It is.

peggy gatto

This reminds me of when I met my husband, so innocent and powerful!
happy anniversary!

Wabi Sabi

So happy to be back here for Haiku My Heart Friday!! Happy Weekend to all! I may be slow but I will visit, I promise!

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