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June 06, 2013


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Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I think that Jackson is even smarter than Sasabee...but don't tell her I said that! Too cute!

peggy gatto

Yes, enjoy the simple things, just live the day!


Good lessons from your furry friend. We should be so wise. The leaves here up North are in a quandary. It's been so cool and cloudy they think it's November.
Lovely way to start the day here with haiku friends.


Laura Hegfield

our furry friends have much wisdom to teach and remind us of when we forget what we know in our hearts:-)


kiss the joy as it flies...oh my how i have missed you and your wordly ways...hello again from one who is missing summer...we seem to be in an endless seattle day here...but i'm ok...the drought is almost gone completely and that is worth trumpeting about...xoxo happy friday sweet miss rebecca...i'm taking lessons from the wise cat today..:)

Wabi Sabi

This reminded me of drinking from the hose in summer when I was a child and how GOOD that water tasted! Thanks for sharing your, always beautiful, words and love!


How much do I love kitties???
So very much!
I love this picture ♥
My kitty is stuck drinking from puddles,
as all it seems to do is rain and rain.
"Kiss the joy as it flies"
however do you come up with this stuff?


wise cat indeed...the simple pure necessities of life.


Sue Fox

I love you and your fur-baby, come see what happend to us in our garden today! :~)xxx

Karen, Pixel Posts

Your cat has the right idea!


Do LOVE kissing the joy on early morning walks at sunrise. Great photo.
Much love xx


I wonder shy a drink from the hose tastes so much more refreshing than from a glass. I love this photo!


Ah, yes, the joy we might as well kiss it in passing!

Kim Mailhot

Sweet kitty cat love and inspiration, Beautiful One.

purr, purr, purr...
Happy Weekend!

Mama Zen

Awww! We can all learn a lot from cats!

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