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May 19, 2013


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good morning rebecca! mary oliver says it so perfectly float above our difficulties and enjoy the magic of now.



These words are beautiful, Rebecca. Don't most of us want to be free of factual weight and be least once in awhile? Love this. Beautiful flowers, too. Love is sparkling in your direction. xo


Sharing a glimpse into the white fire of a great mystery with you. What a blessing.


oh my goddess,
yes !!

{{{{ to Be dazzled }}}}


that Mary Oliver !!
if she lived next door to me
i would say,
"" Hey, Mary,
lets go find something dazzling
over at recuerda mi corazon's place ""
we would B right over
we would pick this photograph
together ...


{{ you know i Would
do that ... }}

Sue Fox

That sounds so wonderful "floating above this difficult world" ~ I imagine all of us floating together like angels on clouds with our wistful conversations of love and the mystery of it all.....sigh x

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I'm dazzled by the photos you can take in your backyard. You are one lucky lady.

Deb Taylor

Oh Rebecca, I am still gazing into the mysterious light, with you right there alongside me

Laura Hegfield

so, so beautiful Rebecca... the light, Mary Oliver's words... perfection.


Yes rebecca dearheart, perhaps floating in a wonderfully clear, and cool saltwater pool and leaving the weight of facts and earthly forms behind us for a while is what is in store. Imagine the light piercing the water as you glide through it effortlessly :0). There are, after all, so many ways to dance!
So much Love,


Your post is just like you: dazzling! :)

Wabi Sabi

Your photo and choice of poem dazzled me. After 24 hours of rain and dreary skies your golden flowers and light dazzled me!

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