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May 26, 2013


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I like how you've stitched all these stories together with the thread of your love!


Tears falling in my lap. Thank you for honoring all those memories here.

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca... all these ways of remembering, a loving quilt of comfort.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

You really put me in a mood to remember which turned out great for my post today. Thank you for including me in your memory celebration not once but twice.


my eyes have welled up with tears at these tender memories. as part of my prayer time, I include the souls of my beloved family members and friends. Memorial Day brings up memories of my mom and her various VFW days, and my uncles who served during WWII (3 did) and the Korean War. My husband also served during the Korean War. God bless all veterans! and peace be each of you as you sift through your own memories.


I feel that not being remembered is the saddest death of them all..

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