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May 23, 2013


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Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

What an incredibly beautiful and moving IS all about the light!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Enlightened and inspired by each other's offerings.

Anthony North

The mystical journey perfectly told.


...does wonders to the darkest corners. a striking image that one is.

Sue Fox

You know this may possibly be my fave pic so far, you know how I love the shadow and light....

We are finally going ocean bound this morning after my love has had 'man flu'!

I'll see if I can haiku my last post before I fly! xxx

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca as always. If you have any macros to share tomorrow evening, I would love it if you'd participate in I Heart Macro!!!


Wonderful haiku...It can be interpreted so beautifully to mean the light is good for us as in "the light becomes you and makes you beautiful" or "we are that light and it emanates from us." Either way I am captivated by these words Thank you!!!!

Kim Mailhot

Tiny, small, focus is right there today in many ways.
As always, I am grateful for this place to share and gather. Thank you, Beautiful Heart.
Have a wonderful weekend !


good morning oh luminous one!


My heart is in a state of haiku this
Friday morning dear one. Your photograph most inspirational.

Magical Mystical Teacher

My, how becoming--how utterly fetching--it is to walk that luminous seam! :)

Deb Taylor

Holy and small
this gathering
can be my all

Fran aka Redondowriter

I haven't shared for so long, but have a little free time, and here I am. I love your words and your shadow coming into light. As always, thank you for hosting us.

Ramesh Sood

"Light becomes us".. how beautiful...I stand here in your light... amazingly soothing..

Thanks Rebecca..Friday become better..well sharing one more on this Saturday...would love you to have a visit..and bless..



oh, that the light would rest inside me for more than a moment. intriguing shadow!

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