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May 02, 2013


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Such beautiful motion and light in your photos! Your haiku...touches my heart deeply.

Anthony North

Beautiful pics and haiku.


I woke to love this morning, I found blossom in my front yard and your lovely haiku on my computer... I hope your day is as happy as mine.


Flowers can also become stars! :)


Oh how beautiful. Gives the soul wings and allows the heart to soar!!! I have missed coming here. And did't know how much until today!!! Thank you!!


Thank you for sharing your gold thread of dawn!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Always beautiful photography and loving haiku ~ you are a gem! ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I'll bet you have gardens full of blooming stars all over your yard right now! Such a delightful way to honor spring!


I am bewitched!
You are loved fiercely!


Oh this took my breath! Those winged threads of gold delight me too! Wishing you a peaceful and blessed weekend!


It is all about LOVE.
Loving you fiercely.

Maggie Grace

My first time joining Haiku My Heart. You seem like a lovely community. Love the photos and the bird and inspired haiku...such beauty!


i so rarely see finches here in so cal but do recall a time in the galapagos when they were abundant. there is so much love and beauty in the world to share. xo

Sue Fox

Love your dreamy pics, your photography is fab like all your artistic endeavours!

"The golden thread of dawn" brought a winged surprise to me this week, a dream to be revealed, perhaps on Sunday, feeling much better now!

Hugs x


Dear rebecca!!The golden threads and starry flowers weave such a rich tapestry, a pictorial design of spring!! Its just heavenly to wake up to such glorious days in spring!! Much striking beauty and splendour in the Haiku!!


I stumbled on your blog, and have enjoyed my visit! You have a lovely space. I too, am a lover of haiku and it, along with my photos are a big portion of my blog. Enjoy your day!

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