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May 30, 2013


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Sue Fox

I love these words....
I might etch them on my bed post! :~)xxx

Mark M. Redfearn

I'm afraid I know that dance all too well, even though, obviously, I'm not a girl!

Laura Hegfield

"others stand in awe grateful for one more moment." I pray that I may always be this way.

beautiful as always Rebecca, so beautiful.

Ramesh Sood

It's Friday..and I am share my Haikofee with everyone..Thanks Rebecca..

You have as usual given a great message..



These are just the words I needed this morning! Thank you.

peggy gatto

These words are now written in a piece of I can remember!


What a way to close the week.

Karen, Something Written

I'm the live in the moment and be grateful for each one type of person. Your haiku speaks volumes to me. Every phase of life should be a celebration!


What a beautiful way to illustrate the beauty of accepting maturity! Dancing!!! Well, done!


Every breath I take is a celebration. Wonderful Haiku and I really love that blue photo.

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