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May 09, 2013


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Anthony North

A wonderful haiku.


Such a precious and wonderful haiku Rebecca. I have a friend across the ocean who is exactly that! (In fact, several - I am lucky to have found them!)


Friendship beautifully expressed! Thank you for celebrating goodness!


Oh how glorious the pictures of the creators art! And the tender words touch the "heart"! Wishing you well!!!


A marvelous capture! What a blessing your 'shy beauty friend from across the sea' sounds.


I treasure the sweet moments of life, even when the bitterness seems overwhelming. One of the sweetest moments is this Friday gathering. Thank you, all of you!


{{ somepinkflower love
to you
All !!

how lovely
to visit again
my old desktop
where Secret Comment Codes
are kept
Carry On with Life
i make my way ...

How like you
to have friends of All types !!
~the shy~ & The Bold ...

This Uplifting Place
is like a home
me ♥ }}

Carol and artmusedog

Dazzling and full of life photography and haiku ~ blessings to you ~
Thanks for 'hosting' this special event ~ Enjoy ^_^

Kim Mailhot

How glorious these pictures are !!!

Thank you for the gathering of loving hearts, Beautiful Rebecca. Sending big love to you on gentle, decorated wings.


joyful heart, painted wings
and a ka-jillion sweet things
that's what
Rebecca is made of♥♥

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

How beautiful to be experiencing this kind of friendship in your life...even if from afar!


Stunning photos, and it sounds as if your friend is a gem!

Maggie Grace

Stunning photography and your haiku gave me the chills. Friends of the heart ♥

Deb Taylor

I have a friend or two or more just like this.

Lean on me. OK?


Loving friends, ever loving mum who is your best friend and love for the divine, who is always by your side to reassure us daily!! Each one will share an honoured place in my heart!! Truly blessed to have them in your life!!


what glorious butterfly images and haiku from a glorious woman!

Ramesh Sood

My favourite..Butterfly and Flowers..for me it's double joy...Thanks very inspiring place this..Rebecca..


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