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April 07, 2013


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i have seen these magnificent monarch butterflies in the central coast, hanging together from eucalyptus trees (i believe). then later in the cycle in i have seen them scattered on the ground at esalan. i have to admit to feeling a heavy heart seeing them lifeless on the ground. i like the way regenerative way you have described the cycle here. i am excited to know about the milkweed! have a lovely sunday, sweet rebecca. xo

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Whenever I see a monarch butterfly, it's a grand seeing a ring around the moon or a rainbow. They signify that the warm season is really here, in all its spendor! Beautiful post today, Rebecca!

Sue Fox

The Monarch butterfly visits these shores on rare occasions, then only in the south, too cold here! Your love though is warm and tender reaching out to all creatures, thank you.
An endangered species on these shores is the water vole, we had a funding grant on our land for excavations to encourage them when our pond was dug 18 months ago, we spotted the first one the other day! :~)xxx

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