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April 28, 2013


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Your posts are always so beautiful, Rebecca, and I just love these photos. You are fortunate to have these birds around begging to have their picture taken! I look forward to seeing the video.

Deb Taylor

I am flying so high with you !!


Bird lover that I am, I am awed by your wonderful photographs. I watched the GBH at Sapsucker Woods last season raise five babies. What a wonderful experience that was. I'm on to it again this season. So glad you posted the link. It is too awesome for anyone to miss, and so much to learn about Mother Nature.

Alas, I have no postcard from paradise today because my paradise is that post I made about Ms. Wee and her egg. She is taking all my time, acting like a baby herself, wanting to be hand fed (again). My husband says she has me wrapped. No doubt!

Be blessed, Rebecca

Wabi Sabi

Oh this is sublime! These birds(like all birds) are so beautiful and they beckon us to contemplation with their serenity. Thank you for sharing. I love the Cornell website! I have watched several broods raised on their bird cams.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Wow! That blue heron is amazing and your photography Divine of one of nature's gems ~ Beautiful! ^_^


From where you stand, you have the best of all possible views!

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