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April 22, 2013


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Sue Fox

I'm so happy to be among the sunflowers with you today, yes sometimes life feels 'lonely' and like 'long hard work' turning life into a 'celebration'!

But there's many a Mary to help! x

Hettienne Grobler

Thank you for holding this space for us every Monday, Rebecca. May your week be filled with beautiful tender moments - Mary Oliver on a Monday - so fitting!


I love your Mary(s) today...
That is one of the best poems
what it takes to become a beacon.

You do know just the right
way to make a perfect post :)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Sunflower faces, and the face of Mary--sometimes inscrutable, but always lovely!


A lovely, lovely post. Mary Oliver is the best! Turning our lives into celebrations! What a wonderful goal. I hope your week is full of celebrations, Rebecca.xx


how I love Mary Oliver's words...and yours.

home again...refreshed, just wanting a tiny sign of spring though :)


miss Robyn

this reminded me so much of being in the aged care with my mum.. those elderly people with so much to share, wanting to share and so, so many don't take the time to be with them..
love this poem. thankyou so much for sharing xoxo

Sam Edge, Writer

What a beautiful site!

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