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April 05, 2013


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Laura Hegfield

Oh Rebecca you have such a gift with words. The flower photos are magnificent, they have brightened this very gray morning I awoke to with tremendous joy. Thank you!


Oh, I miss those poppies! Beautiful pictures and words, as always!

Wabi Sabi

The light in your flowers brought joy to my heart on this dreary spring morning!


The moon is still shining in my haiku, but I love that morning has broken in yours! Great flowers - I remember those although I cannot think of the name... enjoy your weekend Rebecca!


I won't see poppies for many weeks here, but you have gifted me with your! Thank you!


so beautiful
and reverent
your haiku.
poppy candles...LOVE!


I dearly love the line "bright candles on earths altar".
I love poppies, too, and since our earth here in Virginia is covered with sleet and snow that fell yesterday, I am truly enjoying your beautiful Spring photos.
audrey xo

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Dynamic post with beautiful photos and words ~ lots of blessings to you ~ Enjoy ^_^


warms us daily now
a glimpse...a bit of hope yes
tiny buds blooming

so many beautiful songs of spring here!


With winter behind, everything is slowly reaching to the light. Beautiful photos and words.

Anthony North

Lovely words as always.


YES! We are thrilled by the orange glow of poppies here in the desert. My neighbor has some growing.

peggy gatto

What a lovely thought, waking up to light of flowers!

Ramesh Sood

Another Friday brings Joy...hasn't it become a habit of be here at Haiku MY Heart..Thanks Rebecca..


Magical Mystical Teacher

Finally, I am awake to the light!


So much joy and happiness here Rebecca and you have elevated my mood tremendously with your exquisite words!! The pictures accompanying are heart warming and very uplifting!!

I am back to writing Haiku after a long break of nearly a year!! I am naturally drawn like a bee to a flower to gather all the essences from gorgeous contributions at 'Haiku My Heart'

Renewing and re-establishing after an interruption!!


I was so excited to see your poppies today. We have our first ever about to bloom. I'll be posting a picture about it and claiming bragging rights in the next couple of days.

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