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April 19, 2013


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A strong and moving haiku Rebecca.. the whole world is in shock by violent acts like this...

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I, too, cannot fathom the cruelty and disragerd for life that sometimes exists in our world, yet I take comfort in the fact that there is definitely more good than evil...beautiful images and thoughts prevail today.

Anthony North

Important words.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I think there are many hearts in Boston this morning...


{{ why oh why
do these dreadful*things happen ??

why oh why
do we look for differences,
that separate us
and make some
Angry ...

we should bask
in the many ways
we are all the same
search for things
that join us peacefully ...

my heart is tender
breaks each time
i witness
this show
of unnecessary & evil separateness ...

why oh why
are we not 'sheltering love'
one to another ??

do some fall
between the cracks ??

i will never get it ... }}

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

thanks for sending so much love our way here in the Boston area ~ lovely haiku and good to be back ~ enjoy the weekend ^__^


My 6 year old grand daughter said: "Why would someone want to bomb innocent people?"
Good question sweet pea.

Hopefully the folks at genzyme are all OK.
My forever love to you.


Awesome words, Rebecca. Truths. If only Love ruled the world...the whole world. If only Love could be all encompassing, like the love these peaceful doves share.

Gentle (((hugs))) to you.

peggy gatto

so touching!

Sue Fox

Thanks for this heart gathering, the pouring out of love, a powerful antidote to all the hatred! x

Laura Hegfield

My 16 year old daughter is leaving for Paris this evening from Logan... on top of that she's been sick all week.. it has been her dream for two years since her sister had the chance to go with her French class. Doctor said it was ok... so sending love, compassion and healing out to the whole world right now. Om Shanti, Peace, Shalom, Salam

Kim Mailhot

As I write this I am in my sweet mother's nest, caring for her and being so loved and appreciated in return. The good stuff of life.
Sending out too, the loving energy needed for so many .
I feel your heart, and the hearts of our loving haiku family too.
Big love!


I am so glad I came back here when I got home from my day...this is a great resting spot to unwind
and to see
how alike we are in our thoughts
(of family)
and in our wishes
of love, peace and understanding
for the world.
Love to you Rebecca♥


such actions pass all understanding.

Wabi Sabi

I posted a poem earlier in the week about the pain of this week, but today my haiku is just a simple question. If only the love and care that is here on your site could spread like wildfire across the world...if only! Thank you for this peaceful place of love and caring. Peace be with you!


Thanks for this inspired and inspiring post.
Have a great weekend.


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
~ Mother Teresa

The emerging portrait of the world today is many are loosing their way, never to return.

As Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, 'An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world go blind'

Vicki Finch

It's all well and good to hope for peace, and send loving thoughts out into the universe to people who are touched by tragedy. But we all need to be more realistic and acknowledge that the bottom line of all violent acts is that people are suffering from mental illness and are acting out their unacknowledged pain and suffering. In Europe, there are many social programs to address the needs of the mentally ill. But in the US, we look the other way and ignore the fact that this is the fundamental issue that leads to all violence in our society. Instead of just sending love and positive thoughts to the universe, perhaps we should do something concrete, like writing letters and sending petitions to our politicians to address this issue in America once and for all.

Tarang Sinha

Lovely picture!:)

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