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April 11, 2013


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peggy gatto

Such a perfect description, really lovely!
We visited our new (and only) grand baby, Clara, last weekend!

Anthony North

A beautiful haiku.


beautiful words ,...

Bruce Miller

The many times you and I are in confluence is gratifying. For instance we both are thinking of shorelines today :)


Waiting patiently for Spring. Good to see the giant wings enjoying the fresh clean air.



Majestic Blue! Amazing the photos you share!
Wings painting the edge of Heaven are words for a Psalm...too beautiful♥♥

Wabi Sabi

How wonderful! To be borne on the wings of a bird to the edge of heaven! I too found a glimpse of the holy in a bird this week. His song took me there! Thank you for sharing your stunning blue heron and his flight to joy!

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Is this beautiful heron right outside in the pond? You live in a magical place, Rebecca...inside and out!


I have hope...if this harbinger of spring has arrived at your home...


soon, it shall arrive here



Beautiful dressed in Friday morning haiku.. Life is so good. xx

Laura Hegfield

wow Rebecca I have never seen such a deep blue underside to a heron... gorgeous. bless you... may this be a beautiful week to come for you!


These sky blue wings soar into my heart... Xoxoxo


I am kissing the Heavens
and my heart is blue

fantastic....such gorgeous birds, and I love the way they ' become the sky....


That is truly beautiful Rebecca. Both the heron and your words. Last season I watched the very first ever great blue heron nest cam put up by the ornithology lab at Cornell University. The heron couple hatched five ... yes FIVE! ... beautiful babies. It was a wonderful thing to watch. This year, now that the snow has melted on their pond, the couple has returned to the nest and hopefully will begin another family. It was awesome, as is your post. Isn't Mother Nature grand? God bless you Rebecca, for the spiritual understanding you have of these wonderful things. xo

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