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March 14, 2013


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That is a beautiful quote Rebecca. Love Morning Glory and how they reseed themselves each year. Just beautiful. Have a great day.

Deb Taylor

giving it all I got.
Thank you for such a lovely blue bloom this morning!

Sue Fox

I read this post and went away a little perplexed thinking about what work I had to do to discover my world to give my heart to!
I am back perhaps it is not as difficult as I first thought, perhaps my world is made up of Love, and all I need to do is to continue giving my heart to it! Because you were right when you said ~>

"the longer I live the more clearly I see that love is all that matters".

"All we need is love" x


Thank you for the beautiful quote and photo.
Our party is on at:

Please join us if you have time. Have a great weekend :)

Jane Gravois

So delicate and beautiful! Thank you for sharign the beautiful quote!


Beautiful photo and quote Rebecca. How about that new pope. From South of the Border. I am so pleased.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I do, I do!


This is such a beautiful delicate morning glory ~ it glows with a beautiful light.
If all people could realize the power in your quote, what a world filled with happy people we would have.
audrey xo


Still working on that. After a lifetime of finding it in fits and bursts and actually being all over the map of my heart, I've determined that I'm a generalist with lots of downtime in between bursts of joy.

peggy gatto


Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm still working on discovering my world! Do you suppose I'll ever find it?

Kim Mailhot

Oh, how I needed this joy today !!!
Thank you, Beautiful Rebecca, from bringing it to me. That it comes from your heart makes the message ring veen more true for me.
I love you !


It's so beautiful! And those are wonderful words by Buddha. My mother would love this - she loves flowers and her favorite color is blue.


What an awesomely BEAUTIFUL photo of a morning glory. I love morning glories. They open each morning with a new love provided by Mother Nature, and close at night to rejuvenate. Lovely!

Very nice blog post. I certainly appreciate this website. Stick with it!

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