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March 03, 2013


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Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Love the imagery of 'spinning silver roots beneath a blinding snow'...these last few days have given us a renewed sense of the spring fervor that is brewing! Paradise reigns!


oh my goodness yes
yes ---->

blue sky
heart in hand

could i NOT show up, missy ??

reading your words
comforts me,
they roll over me
soothing ...

is a difficult month for me & my emotions
with you
we have March Hope
cupped in your warm hand ...

""open palm waiting""

color of hope is


Interesting to me...this past month of Feb
this little month in length of days
is so hard in so many ways....

March is indeed my hopeful month, where bits of green begin to appear and I can rest easy in the knowing that this too shall pass.


Deb Taylor

bluest of blue, in so many ways!


This speaks to me in such a deep way. Last night I went to see a friend in the hospital who was admitted with 4th stage throat cancer. I had not seen him in many years. He was surprised to see me and we sat and talked for almost 2 hours. He told me stories and I just listened. He just needed someone to listen. I rubbed his feet and put my arms around him. Sometimes compassion is the greatest hope you can offer. Thank you for this beautiful prayer of a post. My own is much darker but I hope you see the color of hope within it.
Love Noelle

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Love the heart shape birdseed entwined in nature's branches ~ Wow ~ Great photography and wisdom words ~ Glad Spring is there or looks like any way ~ Blessings for the week ^_^

Laurie Zuckerman

Here I thought this was a heart-shaped rock, and I see it is birdseed! You always take the most inspiring photos, Rebecca. Sending you best wishes for a wonderful March full of color and warmth. We are still hovering here between winter and spring, but the paradise of springtime is just around the corner.

Wabi Sabi

"may those who sit firm in the hand of grace

hold others,

may those overcome

be held tight."

This is a beautiful call to all to do the dance of hope giving and receiving blessings from one another. How beautiful!


laurie, you were right, it is a heart shaped rock in the tree, i looped the thin just blossoming branch around it as a prayer the morning of the earthquake in japan. it hangs there still and every time i see it, i pause sending love and healing to their way.


I thought this was birdseed shaped in the mold of a heart. Then I read your comment above and I discovered it was a rock. I was completely fooled.


dearest rebecca, doubt is a part of the human condition. know that what you offer to your blog circle is immeasurable. the love, goodwill, friendship, honesty you give to your community is felt deeply. whether or not a comment is left your heartfelt presence makes a difference in my life and countless others. each post is an offering directly from your heart. it takes time, thought and true presence to speak from the soul. for selfish reasons i hope you continue to hold your regular gatherings. perhaps you might want to change the frequency. only you know what is best. i am grateful to have met you here. hugs to you

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