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March 20, 2013


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i am beside
with the sweet possibility ...

{{ i have High Apple Pie
in the Sky Hopes !! }}

----> plus
""the construction
of a painted pouch""

*** if only
Johnny Depp
or Robert Downey Jr.
going to be there to transport me
from the airport
would i Be
more excited ***


I think you are going to love this gathering, Rebecca. Happy Spring! xxoo

Deb Taylor

I am savoring the very thought of joining this amazing trio.
Let it be

peggy gatto

divine collaboration!!!

Sue Fox

Sublime Divine Devotions!

Hugs x


This will be... the most divine adventure... I know it, from every cell in my body, and to the depth of my bones, aching to be there dancing with you all as well in your home away from home... XOXOXO

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