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March 18, 2013


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That you, Rebecca, for sharing this little miracle from our beloved Mother Mary. What a beautiful way to start our weekday week. Bless you.


Your photo, coming into my view, caused goosebumps! Then I uttered, "Oh, my God," not in an irreverent way. My answer to your query in the email-yes, I have missed the 12 days of Mary. I love that this way of honoring Mary landed in your heart and mind. May her blessings rain on you.
blessed be


This is ever so perfect!
Your Mary.
Her crown.
A new meme for boring old Monday.
You have read my mind,
as I was just thinking about doing this very thing last night.
I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off...
so, you have once again, saved the day!

Sue Fox

Oh I say! I'm just going to have to look through my stack to see if any fits the bill..... I'm so excited....the unexpected here this afternoon on such a grey UK day! x


My prayer to Mary is every morning after Our Father. Thank you for hosting. I will try to post at least twice a week if not more.

Donna Maria

Thanks to Lisa at Priti Studio for posting this beautiful idea. Your Mary offering brought tears to my eyes. I have been MIA too long. Thank you.


{{ love this
surprise burst of Mary Light
i am not surprised
one little bit
Magic Happens around you,
dear one !! }}

peggy aplSEEDS

beautiful! thank you for sharing this magical post!


thank you for letting me know...these made me gasp!
I want to know more about your morning, if you care to share. You know my email address, right?
bless you, Rebecca, you are such a beautiful being.

Stephanie it unfolded, for our viewing

magic, pure magic



Amazing and sacred.
The 2nd light in her arms is a cross.

Hettienne Grobler

The Light of the Risen Christ flowing forth from Mary's heart while the Risen One rises behind Her looking down on to Love in Love. Thank you for undertaking this meme. I will not miss it for anything in the world. I am leaving for India on Thursday but will set my blogs up to post - I will send you the links if you will ever so kindly fill in the Mr Linky for me so that your followers can visit. love and blessings in the One Heart

Sue Fox

I'm 'seeing' green coloured orbs on the womb and lips for me symbolising motherly love by word of mouth and in our case the written word that brings peace and soothing for so many here on-line!

BTW Green represents the heart chakra:
The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Opening the Heart chakra allows a person to love more, empathize, and feel compassion.


{{ yes
i see !!

rather than Magic,
dear one ...

indeed }}

Donna Maria

I wonder did anyone notice that the tree behind Mary also looks like Jesus on the cross?


oh donna maria,
i have been waiting to see if anyone else would see this! i feel that every time i walk by to look at mary, autumn and winter before the new leaves bud out.


What a blessing bestowed...
to see the light
proves she loves us
as much as we love her...
we are on the right path,
miracles are all around...
for those that have eyes to see them♥♥♥


Absolutely amazing pix, Rebecca!xx


Yes I came back to look and what a glorious sight. Sweet Mary is shining down upon you and now all of us. Amazing. A sight to behold.::hugs::

peggy gatto

I have been away, but will definitely join the group in this adventure!!!

miss Robyn

I will join in for sure.. next Monday.. have been on retreat this Easter. xo

Deb Taylor

Oh did I miss out on this one?
I suppose buried in my Texas Love this past Spring.I am on board now..these photos are crazy good. I am pulled in.

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