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March 08, 2013


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The sun is there, always. Sometimes behind the clouds, but steady and true. A burning in my heart. Like minds today methinks, at least in some respects.

Much Peace

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I love that you will be adding another log to the fire as your friends come to share their Haikus today. We're hunkering down for another storm here, but the bourgeoning spring is well underway, regardless!


That is so true about joy. May we all have the sun in our hearts always. Here's to warmth in the midst of the cold.

Ramesh Sood

You know Rebecca.. Sun rises early in India being in the East..and I start looking at the link for Haiku My Heart..without realising that I have to wait till Evening when the Sun rises there.. well..finally it happened and had to plan my chain of haiku befitting to HMH as well as Haiku Heights.. and then I got it ..inspired that Joy happened through listening to Songs too.. thanks for yet another Joyful Friday..



So happy to join you today with a heart glowing with joy! Let's warm one another!

Anthony North

Very true and lovely words.


I was making a list of the good of winter...acting as if I didn't care if spring comes or not...
Ha ha! you can't use reverse-psychology on Mother Nature.
Beautiful words Rebecca, stay snug♥♥


Thanks for welcoming me with such warmth Rebecca.. "I embrace you with all my arms" - have a great weekend dear.


Trading words at fireside is a lovely way to spend a rainy day...the sun also shines.
LOVE you dearest rebecca.


Your spring rain and snow will visit me tomorrow...I love how we are connected in these natural rhythms.


Wabi Sabi

Although it is cloudy and dark here today, your photo and words sent me your warm fire! I am sending you MY warmth on the wings of a heron! Hope he lifts you up!!

Kim Mailhot

The love in your heart is a brilliant shiny light, rebecca ! Oh, the joy it brings.
Happy to be in this joyful space with you in this moment.
Sending big squishy hugs !

peggy gatto

Lovely words to remember!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all of you who wished me to have fun at the retreat....I did!!

Laura Hegfield

beautiful Rebecca, may the light of joy and LOVE fill us one and all:-)


Such a beautiful welcome! thank you, Rebecca. As always you are a joy to come home too.
Have a wonderful weekend.


The clouds have been hovering over my heart all week. They finally started to scatter this morning. Joy may not reside here quite yet, but relief does.


Your words are lovely and thoughtful. Your picture is like fire in the sky, like the fire in your heart, burning for all of us. That is so beautiful and unselfish about you.


your joy sets a fire in my heart! I love the thought that you're adding another log to the fire to welcome us.


Beautiful shot!
And ain't it the truth. :)


Mama Zen

Breathtaking haiku!

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