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March 15, 2013


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I'm glad to see Spring arrive in your haiku... in real life, we had snowflakes coming down today. Aarghhh... these bright flowers do indeed give hope. Thanks Rebecca!


I must remember to plant poppies this year!
Finally, in this new house I have the room and the sun for a glorious song in the garden.
I love the thought of being ankle-deep in love!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I can't think of anything I'd rather have around my ankles than love! Happy haiku day to you, Rebecca, and to all who favor this place with their offerings of love.

Kim Mailhot

Oh, how I love poppies !
Winter is holding on until the bitter end here in the north east. It was a mere 18 degrees here this morning. But the light ! Oh, the light brings the hope of spring !
Just like your shiny light, Beautiful !
Happy Friday !


Spring, with it's beauty, hope and promise. You have said it all with your haiku and Monet like photo.

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

The thought of strolling through fields of those particular flowers makes me swoon!
Yesterday totally felt like the beginning of spring was warm even after dark! Thanks for the beautiful start to my day!

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful dear Rebecca... nothing blooming here yet, still snow on the ground, but the buds are pushing their way through the tips of the branches.

Anthony North

I like that last line.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Wishing you much joy within ~ lovely photos and beautiful words ~ New England is still cold ~ enjoy ^_^

peggy gatto

Joyful morning, love your blooms!!!!!!!

Ramesh Sood

I am so happy to be here and feel ankle deep in love.. a beautiful haiku for Spring...I think I would be thinking with spring dancing in my heart...Thanks Rebecca..


Wabi Sabi

Oh this makes my heart sing! I can hardly wait to be ankle deep in flowers ! Happy Spring!!

Bruce Miller

Feel the bottom of the blowing curtain o f S p r i n g curling against the flower beds.


no Haiku today...but sharing a wonderful project over at my place.

I can SEE this as being something to do in San Miguel, or anywhere. If you have time to watch JR's TED talk you will be amazed!

happiest of spring day wishes to you!

Sue Fox

Have I told you before, I think this is my all-time favourite picture of yours? I think I did last spring! Like spring I'll never tire of this beauty!x


Lovely place this haiku garden. Think I'll
stay here a while.


A haiku garden is just joy every week!


Beautiful and colorful. When I worked at an art center I knew the Japanese lady who taught sumi-e. She was also very big into ikebana, and made beautiful paper flowers to go with her arrangements. She has gone now to Japanese heaven,but such beautiful flowers she yours. Good wishes for you Rebecca.

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