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March 29, 2013


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Ramesh Sood

Thanks as a mark of respect have kept the spirit of haiku aligned with HMH..and a special chain of haiku is offered..which I am sure you will like..



Anthony North

Beautiful words and images.

Laura Hegfield

oh dear rebecca, what a heart opening haiku, beautiful!


What a lovely string of words.
Have a blessed weekend.


I like the thought of silent churchbells... happy Easter Rebecca!


without words...incredibly moving post
for me, thank you Rebecca ♥♥

Wabi Sabi

Yes, silence so we can hear the tears. This moved me to just exactly the place I want to be today. Thank you.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Heaven, I think, also lifts the edge of love...

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

The bells constantly tolling is part of what makes San Miguel so incredibly beautiful. What a fitting tribute to Mary it is to silence them for the day...and such a lovely haiku to honor Her prayers - and ours - today, on Good Friday.


lovely, dear one ...

""prayers slip through like clouds""

yes they do
they fall with raindrops
they dance in sun*rays ...

{{ thank you for reminding us
of this
that in silence
we can hear
everything }}


The silence of the bells ring loud in the ears of the faithful. This moves me to tears. My love to you this holy week and always.

Adriana Esqueda

Today is such a special day and is greater than Christmas for those who believe in our Lord and Saviour. Happy to be part of this celebration.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Loving post in honoring your beliefs and the treasure of Our Lady ~ you are so loving and spiritual ~ thanks for 'hosting' and Happy Easter to you ~ ^_^

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