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March 22, 2013


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peggy gatto

such a gentle haiku!!
It caresses me!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Wanting less and less is surely the way to contentment. May you experience more and more contentment!


Magical Rebecca,
Thank you for sharing the light of YOU
and all you see.
Thank you for your haiku
and for being a constant place to gather.

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Wanting less from the material world is key to opening to the light, yes? You continue to quietly inspire me...thank you for your beautiful offering today!


what a witness to the powers of LOVE!!

Wabi Sabi

Your post made my heart sing this morning! Being in the cathedral of belonging with you is pure gift, Rebecca! Thank you!


When wrapped in the light of love, the material world grows dimmer.


Your words encircle us in your light...

and I am thankFULL for that.


Wanting less of the material world and finding joy in light is marvelous Rebecca - and with your wise words you set an example for all of us!

Laura Hegfield

Rebecca you ARE the light of love:-)


El Corazon remembers you as well dear rebecca. Thankfully you share this light of love with us all. I am so touched my heart swells.

Deb Taylor

standing in the light
with you my beacon of love
blinded with vision

Mama Zen

Like a slow, deep breath!

Sue Fox

We have more snow here, the sun has not made an appearance today, no bother I'm feeling the warmth of radiant love!x

Anthony North

Lovely words.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

"Living in the Light is a wonderful way to live and also there is a book by Shakti Gwain ~ LIVING IN THE LIGHT ~ perhaps you have read it ~ blessings and hugs to you ~ Wishing you a wonder filled weekend. ^_^


I was driving into your soft sunlight. That's why I'm late again to the party.


your generosity has created a cathedral of light for us to be more of themselves, without judgment. indeed a precious gift to all.

Kim Mailhot

My beautiful Heart Friend, how I love what you bring to the world and how you inspire others to shine their light as well.
Big glorious love to you !

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