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February 10, 2013


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Sue Fox

"If you don't have a dream then how you gonna have a dream come true?", Happy talk you inspire me! x


oh Rebecca, isn't this amazing!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see the building exploding with life.


Rebecca I know the people in the photograph. They are all so familiar.


The beauty is in the faces...Thank you!! Cathy

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Did you have a chance to go to Las Rancheritas when you were in SMA with Flora recently? Either way, let's plan a trip and go visit them. Their dreams coming true are an inspiration for us all!


I just loved seeing the butterflies on this sweet building come to life! To have been there this past October, and see it now, is just such a gift. Thank you sweet Rebecca! XO

Magical Mystical Teacher

I love the idea of realised dreams being pollinators for other dreams, maybe even the dreams of people you have never met. Fabulous story!


The dream is a reality. Now the hard work begins of promotion and making a store/restaurant actually work.


The smiles tell it all...what a paradise indeed!


This post tells how much love fills your heart.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I tried to by one of their rugs but there weren't any available in their etsy shop. I emailed them but didn't get anywhere.


{{{ you honor me so
by using my photos here ...

my heart
was over*filled with emotion
as i snapped
snapped that day ...

dreams come true
i will someday see this
~~once abandoned building~~
filled with laughter
hopefully in 2013 ... }}

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