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February 14, 2013


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Laura Hegfield

so poignant and beautiful.

Sue Fox

From early days your have been my inspiration, you have been like the wind in my sail, some days the wind is hushed blowing on other shores, but I know the wind will return and off I go sailing again, happy :~)xxx

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Love you, Rebecca. Happy Valentine's Day.


Bonkonon got it spot on! 'Let your life be the poem you write.' I love the images. Wishing you a nice Friday, Rebecca.


Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot I lived on the other side of our planet, glanced back and saw your date, the 14th. Happy hearts day, Rebecca.

peggy gatto

thank you!!


I had a wonderful day yesterday. And your post is wonderful! I especially like the heart with wings! Cathy


{{ love the sweet serendipitous*way of life
which happens
with Comfortable Regularity
for those
mindfully ... }}

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