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February 22, 2013


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Kim Mailhot

I have been spending too much time with my dark self for the last little while. This post brings my up, fills my Soul sails, and reminds me to love life eternal.
Thank you for the love you bring to this world, Beautiful Rebecca.
Love you !


Oh Rebecca, what a wonderful cascading haiku you treat us today! Peace and love to you right back dear friend!

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I love how your haikus flow into one another...each one building upon the basic premise of remembering that each moment is sacred, and that we are ultimately here to learn, share, and, as you say, marry love.
A sweet message to start today and each day!


"Meant for love" - that is just inspiring! What a wonderful start to a weekend. Thank you, Rebecca.

Laura Hegfield

Rebecca I love this... marry each moment!!! a commitment to being fully present, beautiful... for in the moment love is waiting to be discovered and experienced...yes, yes:-)


Lovely post. Dramatic picture. Thanks.
And am I right in thinking that the first collection of haikus form a whirligig?
Have a nice day.


Yes Rebecca... We are indeed all one. Love your verse today, how they mix and mingle. Makes perfect sense as well. Long live Peace in our hearts.

Peace to all

Wabi Sabi

Oh what a joy to wake up to a new mantra - 'marry each moment' Thank you for this. I am sending you a moment of joy from my corner of the universe! Hint - it is a bit of green for a winter weary soul!


How do you do it?
Capture everything beautiful
and use words to make it more so?
And give a lesson in life too.
You are amazing Rebecca♥♥

Magical Mystical Teacher

We marry the moments...and then they divorce us. Such is life...

Bruce Miller

Astounding how you present a fresh-scrubbed face of feeling every time.


Simply beautiful, Rebecca!


I love both the form and the message here!


Haiku story telling...BEing, here, now, married to THIS moment.

Anthony North

Beautiful words.

Ramesh Sood

Dear Rebecca..

I have read the cascade at least five times.. and want to read more.. because I am happy to see a special cascade here.. ending with Marry Each Moment.. which I have taken the liberty to have as first and last line of my cascade too..I hope you won't mind.. and accept the liberty I took..I enjoyed reading your haiku more than I enjoyed writing mine.. You inspired me so much today...

Thanks a lot!!!


peggy gatto

I am excited about today!!!!!!!!!!!
Reading your words just made me feel energized!!!


Your picture took my breath away!!! "Married" to you words it touches the very soul!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Absolutely exquisite, Rebecca. I'm kind of underground right now in a digital collage learning curve, but I'll be back.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Divine post and exquisite photography So lovely! Thanks for hosting as always ~ namaste, ^_^


So a lovely story, so romantic and soft. I got a little sentimental as I thought of my daughter's upcoming wedding.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Your brilliance thrills me.

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