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February 07, 2013


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welcome home!! I feel like the weary traveler but am happy to settle in here with you.

peggy gatto

Welcome home!!!
i can't wait to see the pictures of your ADVENTURE!


Welcome back, Rebecca. Looking forward to reading of your adventures.


Welcome home! I thought of you every day... so good to come here to the warmth of your words... will you dance with me next Thursday??? All my love to you and gratitude for the haiku beauty we share! XO


Welcome home.
MMT was indeed a champ in your absence.

I seem to have double clicked when once would have been enough, and hence entered my poetic masterpiece on a serial basis. you might like to delete the superfluous second link. Thanks.... and sorry to have been such a klutz.

You have lovely haikus by the way, and a turn of phrase that would bring the birds down out of the trees.

Good luck!

Anthony North

Good to see you back. Great haiku as always.

Mark M. Redfearn

Good to see you back, Rebecca. Friday just wasn't the same without you!

Laura Hegfield

Rebecca your Haiku and longer poem are both so beautiful. I'm so happy you were able to travel and enjoy the sun, the people the orchids, the colors welcoming you to Mexico.. welcome back here, we missed you:-)


Glad to have you back and I'm also back. I miss Haiku my Heart very much, and happy to read another beautiful haiku, with a lovely description of your time in Mexico.


We missed you and your beautiful words but know how Mexico inspires beauty in you. So happy it filled you up.


a pure, white haiku...LOVE♥


~~~rising like the sun~~~

{{ dearest,
i must have known
in my heart
i would be needed at home ... }}

more later

Kim Mailhot

I am envious that you have been warmed to the core by your sweet Mexico time. But the love flowing around here does much to warm my wintering heart too !
Welcome home, Beautiful Flyer.
Big love to you !


Lea again, dear Rebecca and all, please use the THIRD link for me, it is the right one for today's haiku! XO


Will be back later to check on all the offerings - we're in for a blizzard and I need to get some fresh veges/fruits before that happens.

Glad to see you back, Rebecca!


Welcome back! Your words warm my heart this morning. I'm so happy you found the sun and look forward to seeing your photos.

Deb Taylor

Welcome home my Love
I dedicate today to YOU

Poet Laundry

YOU are a 'bright warm welcome'! So glad you are back...your trip sounds lovely :-)


Welcome home! I'm so glad you were warmed by the Mexican sun! I could use a bit of strong sunlight to warm my bones. To warm my heart, I come here!


Welcome home Rebecca. I have posted a haibun. Have fun reading.


fluttering white wings
fluttering heart

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

We might just have some pure white winter this glad that you were warmed sufficiently in Mexico!

Gemma Wiseman

So love the idea of white prayer rising! So very lovely!


a warm welcome home, rebecca. yesterday i linked to haiku my heart on my blog but forgot to add my name here :) i look forward to having time after this busy weekend to catch up with all my friends here. hugs to you.

Andrea thompson

Welcome home! I could use a
Iittle of that warmth you soaked up, it is cold here!
Which reminds me of a book i had as a child where the mouse spent the summer soaking up the colors of nature while his friends worked. They were mad at him until the middle of winter when he shared his colors with them in stories to warm them! I think it was by eric carle but i can't remember. I hope you will share your stories as he did.

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