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February 28, 2013


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peggy gatto

Clarrisa's words are so true, how I feel!!!
Looking at each flower, I am in awe of the structure and detailed image
wishing you all many flowers in your lives!!!

Ramesh Sood

Very inspiring and thoughtful.. I often stand and look at flowers blooming thoughtfully and learning from them the greatest lesson.. JUST TO BE...

Thanks Rebecca for Happy Fridays..


Anthony North

They can indeed. Nice one.

Sue Fox

Yes, our stories are woven together each Friday thanks to you....
Hugs Petal x


Oh, I so agree. They're there. Pretty little flowers just as significant as the rest of the vast universe.

A great weekend to you Rebecca.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Follow that insatiable urge, Rebecca, oh, follow it!


Sharing present and past moments of joy and sorrow with friends soothes the soul. I also enjoy and look forward to Fridays with all of these special friends, you amongst them, with Spring flowers blooming, how can that ever be anything but wonderful?



Happy Friday Rebecca - it's always a delight to come greet you!

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

"...until you yourself burst into bloom..." What a beautifully expansive thought to carry us into the life force that is spring!
The lengthening daylight changes the most in is finally celebrate with all of our being!!!

Laura Hegfield

all beautiful dear Rebecca... thank you for creating this gathering space for us to connect and share our hearts.


I am feeling the same...
the computer,
and even looking at other's artwork
muddles my brain too much.
I have so many things I want to create
before time is up.

I like the 3-5-3 haiku.
I think it says more with it's simplicity ♥♥

Bruce Miller

Pausing "thought fully" = as in fully absorbed in thought is a wonderful way to see.

Wabi Sabi

Oh what a bright start to my Friday! And how I love that you are living 'flat out bravely.' Bloom, Rebecca, bloom!!!


These words will lead me out into my day today! Doing the Artis Wa with some friends and I have an artists date with ME scheduled this morning

happy signs of spring!


Small flowers and small poems are both thought provokers.

Kim Mailhot

Ah, Rebecca, do you realize the sweet, gentle magic you bring to this world ? I am so grateful for your heart and for this gathering of blooms that you bring together.
Senidng big waves of juicy love your way, Beautiful, Beautiful Heart.


You haiku my heart dearest one. Your blooming, blossoming and living out loud has encouraged me to push my remaining tight little buds into the sun.


I feel as if I have been swept away on the river of life... it is good, full and sweet, and I find myself not able to move in ways I could only barely move before, so full is the current that takes me now... I will be back, and today, I drink your words and your love, always, and the sweet words of these friday heart treasures... XOXOXOXO


Friday is always my favorite blogging day. I can always depend up you to open a beautiful door for me to peek through.

Gemma Wiseman

A beautiful, moving post! So love the idea of watering our own flowers with blood and tears and laughter till they bloom! What a dramatic, challenging, inspiring thought!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

You are truly a divine person ~ wonderful post and photos ~ enjoy^_^


and burst into bloom daily! as you are, rebecca. this quote brings to mind a fortuitous time i worked with clarissa at ghost ranch. i see that your paintings are blossoming forth. many hugs to you xoxo

Deb Taylor

short, sweet, beautiful.


Ah! I love Clarissa Pinkola Estes words. She is the wisest of women surely. Watering the stories of one's life with "blood and tears" is indeed the deep work. I think that Frida Kahlo would agree with her as well no? And I am so reminded of James Wright's epiphany of a poem A Blessing. There it is for you sweet girl. I am sure you know it. Bloom on! I connected with you today, although it's not a haiku but there is a poem and paper involved!


your bloomin' heart
is a blossom that keeps on



hi rebecca, this weekend is very full. i am sorry that i will not get a chance until monday to read and comment on everyone's haiku. wishing you a lovely weekend! xo


Awesome, caring post Rebecca. You are an excellent teacher to the soul.

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

short but sweet! is the heart-shaped stone a happenstance? no matter, I love it!

Gloria Y

Friday is transformed
Having found 'recuerda'
Endless, haikus bloom

Good to be home, Rebecca.

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