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January 06, 2013


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How I do love this coloricious world!!

thank you for warming up my day

anado mclauchlin

Who allowed me to go outside dressed like that?


i just know you are
going to have
The Best
Time !!

wish i was going
BUT cannot B Everywhere Always
{{ who oh why not ?? }}

[[ today i am wearing
the warm colors
of Memory ...

my good fortune
to have had my childhood ...

these colors fit me well
on this cold, short day.]]

have fun, missy !!


So exciting to see all this color here when in MA it is winter and so everything is rather monotone but still beautiful ~ Wonderful photos ~ love the male artist ~ and thanks for hosting ^_^

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^


Happy New Year Rebecca! This was such a welcome burst of colour on a grey day!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Looks like fun!


WOW! what a riot of color! sure is a welcome sight on this dreary winter's day in the south.


Such vibrant colors and amazing smiles.

Laurie Zuckerman

Would be so wonderful to be on this outrageously colorful trip during winter. Alas, as far as I will get will be my own studio. I am itching to paint again, and your post is most inspiring, Rebecca!! Happy New Year!!

Sue Fox

How I'd love to be dipping my paintbrush into the colourlicious world of Flora and you! x


We are very gray here today, Rebecca. Many, many shades of gray in a world punctuated by splashes of color.

Magical Mystical Teacher

So glad to be able to rejoin you with a little color of my own!


oh how i'd love to join you for this...the colors (even here) sing to my soul! fantastic. will join you in spirit from across the pond!

Kim  Mailhot

Amazing color ! Thanks for that boost of colorful energy.
I hope you are feeling better this week and are ready to enjoy the magic of the time with your artsy and colorful friends!
Much love, Beautiful One !


How colorluscious this all is... just seeing these pictures takes me over completely right back into the magic of San Miguel de Allende where the delights with you are endless... These pilgrims who have not been before are in for the most amazing time with Flora and the chance to meet the wizard himself, Anado. Yes, this is colors to feed the soul indeed. It is bright and beautiful here this morning Rebecca and all the more so because of you... XO

Deb Taylor

my eyes are so happy after visiting you here.
My world is black and white today,
in a beautiful way,
I might say!


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