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January 04, 2013


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I also awoke and realized that it was Friday - such a delight on this very cold and dark morning...only days away from the morning light beginning to grow. I love the reference to the closed fisted bulbs, not ready, but dreaming of the warmth to come, lying in wait and preparing for their blessed rebirth. Makes me better able to wait for the magnificence that is springtime...Thank you for sharing that joy today, dear Rebecca.


Happy Fridays!!! I know what you mean,tho...
everytime January rolls around I begin waiting and watching for Spring. It ain't gonna happen for months and months tho. You haiku says all of this perfectly. And those chubby birds are extraordinary! ♥♥♥


Happy Friday! Another beautiful haiku and prose, Rebecca!


Happy Friday to you! Sometimes snuggling down is a good thing to do especially when the dreams are sweet!


Happy 2013 ~ Wonderfully inspiring post and hope you are feeling much better ~ lots of healing hugs to you ^_^

(A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)


{{ i am so comfortable
in our haiku corner
of the world ...

let us do This always, dear one !!

birds dreaming with you
whilst mine
still tasting the jOy
of 2012 memories ...

this morning i played in beach+sand
((( barefoot )))
and pretended in was your snow...

isn't life grand !! }}

in this wee heart
there is much
healing thoughts
at you

know this


Yes it is a good morning to snuggle in bed. However getting up and coming here started my Friday right. Wishing you a beautiful day dearest rebecca with all of my LOVE~

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I rose before first light to feed the cats. It's two hours later and I'm still lounging in my sleep apparel with socks on my feet, trying to get in the mood to do the annual report for my LLC. (I know, good luck with that.)


Our first friday haiku of 2013. How grateful I am to be here with you and each other... such a joy to find these words warming my heart on these cold, cold mornings... love you dearly my Rebecca... XO

peggy gatto

Good morning!
First haiku of the new year.
Wishing you all good things to come!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, love the concept of a bulb not quite ready to send up shoots. It especially resonates because I share my own amaryllis today. I noted you didn't post for a while so I hope you got a well deserved vacation or rest.

I love the closed blue-outlined eyes, and I shall join them dreaming of warmth and sunshine.....

Ramesh Sood

Hi Rebecca...Happy New Year!!!

Another yesr of Haikuing with HMH begins.. lovely haiku here.. I wish by closing eyes for sometime one could get rid of the friends in N.Delhi would love to buy the idea.

Well I am bakc here with my own chain of haiku titled.. Time to Talk to Soul..


Haiku Water

"Closed fist of a bulb" is so very good - thanks for the image.


My scrappy birds join your lovelies in this winter dance.


Poet Laundry

So lovely. The image and haiku are perfect. Hope you are feeling better every day Rebecca. Good to see everyone this first of the year Friday!

Deb Taylor

Thank you Rebecca for always arising
to the call for love,
in the form of comforting Friday Haiku.

My hands are to heart this day.


Love your haiku. When I was thinking of a haiku for today, I also thought to mention Spring. Like minds, then.

Much Peace

Queenie Believe

Beautiful photo and poem. It so fit today for me as we struggle to trundle through to the light and warm of days to come.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Yes, yes, yes my beautiful Rebecca, yes to standing tall beside each other... XOXOXO

Laura Hegfield

sweet, sweet rebecca, burrow in, nestle, take care of your precious self... we are here for you always.

beautiful, beautiful offerings dear one.


Happy Friday to everyone ~

Rebecca, I hope you are feeling stronger ~

Take care ~


I always end up missing flowers too but I never welcome the heat that burns them into life.

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