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January 10, 2013


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Good early Friday morning from NJ - and nighty night!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm thankful to be able to catch the light here at Haiku My Heart every Friday. Blessings to all!


The reason I like wind chimes so much. They make music even when everyone and everything around them is so NOT making music.

Poet Laundry

'catch the light singing'...ooh I love that. Wow. You just graced my day with beauty.


I finally 'catched up' and arrived in 2013... ready to pick up the routine. Visiting you (and the rest of the haiku-circle later this weekend) is one of the things I take with me in this New Year. Hope this year will be a prosperous, healthy, inspiring and creative one for all of you!


Oh, those colorful chimes are sweet, Rebecca! But most of all your poem & words bring me to happy tears... as your words seem to encapsulate exactly now for me as I am bring to fruition something I've been called to do. It's like dancing! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


What a wonderful blessing you have given us! Thank you for you comforting words.


Thank you for gracing us with your words. Good way to start the day. Sending the best back towards you.



sorry i have not participated in awhile, i have just been absent from blogs for over a month, not sure why, just overwhelmed and needed to recharge. i have gotten your message and i wanted you to know it was nothing personal. you are the most welcoming person/blog friend/host out there, and i do hope you are feeling better yourself!


{{ yes
i HAD to jump in this morning
be the song
be the singer
be the music
be the notes flying in the air
be with you

i had to jump in,
dear one ♥

oh happy day !! }}

Kim  Mailhot

So beautiful, Rebecca ! Your prayer and haiku wish for us all is the stuff of beauty.
Much love to you !


"catch the light singing" Oh how that made my heart sing!! I have been haiku -ing my heart all week and loving it! Thank you for your prayer. It will be on my lips and heart for you this week!!


Always amazing photography here and wonderful inspiring haiku ~

A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^


YES! That is our BE the ONE

best of weekend wishes to you, will be off the net for a long week of soaking up sun and relaxing.



Catching the light...
are those glass straws?
How beautiful they are.
And you.

Haiku Water

I can here the pastel transparent glass rods singing in the trees.

Sue Fox

I'm learning great lessons from you my friend all of a sudden!!


Yes Rebecca to this dance, to singing and swaying with tall trees, dancing in the light of day no matter if it is the sun or moon, yes to opening this door to love... XOXOXO

Deb Taylor

I am singing and dancing right along with you

I love you

Jill K. Berry

I am the singer, on a journey of enchantment.

Laura Hegfield

I always leave your page feeling blessed Rebecca... thank you beautiful soul!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Today, I am the write and the writer,
the art and the art-er.

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

you weave words together so wondrously! thank you, dear friend


I'm all for participating fully in this life of ours...great sentiments in your very sweet Haiku today!


One of my favorite haiku's ever written.


This is one of the most beautiful wind chimes I've seen.


Chimes dancing in the wind and light.
I like that. :)

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