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January 18, 2013


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Magical Mystical Teacher

I've always been of the opinion that counting syllable does not necessarily a haiku make, but rather the love that oozes from the syllables! :)


Good morning! Cold here in NJ, too - little bits of hail lying on the ground, sparkling in the morning sun. My offering today is from earlier this week - posting it to fill your longing for flowers! xoxo

Kim  Mailhot

Yes, the cold is seeping in here today as well.
I am always grateful for the lovely fire in the beautiful hearts that gather here.
Big cozy love to you, Beautiful One !


It's pretty chilly here too! My warmth of choice is tea though! And sharing lovely haiku with you! Be warm!


Oh that photo, Rebecca!!!
I believe you must think in poetry...
so perfectly you choose your words.
I was thinking about blankets too. ♥♥


The photo and haiku compliment each other beautifully. I love a brisk morning, which is a good thing because it is minus 18 degrees here.

Gemma Wiseman

I offer the other side of the coin! I am living in the hot zone Downunder - but not the hottest! Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia still manages to spin out some cooling sea breezes!

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca... finally a cold morning here too... not as cold as it is typically this time of year.

Anthony North

Sometimes a cup can do the trick. Nice one.

Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

I'm all for stoking up the fire and warming each other with our Haikus today. Thank goodness this major cold snap is over for now and we can enjoy many upcoming days in the 50's. Thank goodness that the mornings AND evenings are finally both growing. We are, indeed, moving toward the light!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Magnificent haiku ~ yet it sounds like New England ~ thanks for warming me with your eloquent words ~ lovely ~

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

peggy gatto

41 here, but I am inside!!!!!!!
with my cuppa "peets"!


Wrapping you in warmth in an old toasty quilt. Snuggle in...enjoy another cuppa.

Deb Taylor

shivering here with you
but pouring some red wine for antifreeze !!
Sunny Florida is 51 degrees...THAT'S FRIGID !


Oh my! I was going to add a different haiku here today, but when I saw your post, I decided to put on the soup!!! Be warm, if not outside, in your heart!!!

Sue Fox

We have snow today, falling gently, I feel the deep warm love here.


Uh oh! My comment disappeared! I was going to post a different haiku here today but decided, instead, to share some soup. Be warm!!


I am so late today... I'm having a hard time thawing out... but I am here, with all my love and the fire of my heart for these words that fill my Fridays and beyond. Thank you Rebecca, for holding the window open for us, to gaze at such beauty. I love you! XO

Meri @ Meri's Musings

That's precisely the reason for the Hawaii trip. It's cold. . . and I don't drink coffee.


So, I did post some poetry on my site today- but it isn't a haiku. Hope it is okay that I joined all of you:-) I have been in my bed for the last two days- unfortunately, not too cozy though:-( Think of you often Rebecca!


i am warm and toasty after reading your haiku and seeing your gorgeous photo. happy weekend, rebecca.


a haiku held in two hands


Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

are you up that early? I remember those mornings and I'm amazed at how I did it. lovely image

Ramesh Sood

Another Friday..and I wait..but then inspite of the excitment I got late Rebecca.. wrote my haiku just now..getting caught up with work..but then its a happier situation.. HMH pulls me... I love to be here always...

Do visit me here:


Andrea thompson

Your words remind me of a cabin i was invited to in the past... Off the grid, no electricity or running water, heated with a wood stove, the warmest and quietest i have ever felt!

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