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January 13, 2013


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Dawn Elliott - AlterEgoMexicana

Someday I hope you join you to partake of this magical workshop in San Miguel. I have witnessed the impact it has had on your art and your whole being over this past year, and it's truly awe-inspiring! I'm so happy for you to be making this an annual, life-changing event for everyone involved. May you breathe in all that is Mexico, and draw strength from your soulful experience together...

Deb Taylor

My Paradise has called me to be near
the waters edge this day.
No colors.
Just the palette of beauty.


This was a fantastic experience for me. So glad I trusted my intuition and your call to bravery. Love you! Have a beautiful return trip to Casa Carmen and that special place in paradise. xx


I'm excited for you Rebecca. Looking forward to seeing the happy results of your time away.


I love the brightness of your paintings Rebecca. They are bold and powerful. like you.

Magical Mystical Teacher

You're going to San Miguel again? I just got this wonder-filled idea today that I'm going to move to San Miguel, so maybe in a year or two, you and Billy can overnight--or overwinter--at my place. How 'bout that?


Taking Flora's e-course last summer was on of the highlights of my year and my life! It truly changed how I approach my art & creativity. I'm working on some new canvases with all I learned last year. I love what you spoke of the creative process here. I found very much that art asks more of you than you dreamed possible, and so you discover more than you dreamed you could do! Very excited for you that you will be hosting again. :o) ((HUGS))

Hettienne Grobler

I am looking forward to joining you in Mexico - hopefully in 2014!!! Till then I am participating in Bloom True's online course!! thank you for the inspiration and timely reminder! love you my friend across the vast ocean, where our hearts meet in joy!!


My paradise whispers of poetry, writing and introspection. I am also opening my heart to using paint, brush and color to expand paradise beyond my camera's eye! Your colors today lightened my heart! Thank you!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Sounds so fabulous, Rebecca.

peggy gatto

How beautiful!

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