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December 06, 2012


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I was really hoping that you would retell that story - it's one that I just savor reading.


The Heart of it all. I can't seem to explain it in myself, but I know it's there. My heartbeat, though manufactured these days by a mechanical device, still beats in rhythm with Mary at my side. I can't, and don't want to, turn from her images of so many forms. Finding her here with you starts my day off in good fashion. I'll remember.



I am so glad you gave the links...that story is so that makes you hope...maybe this could happen to me :) L♥ve

Dawn Elliott

When I think of you traveling to Mexico, your words today are what I remember...the love, the strength, the warmth, the understanding, the compassion that you embody while there...all of which you share with those who accompany you to this land of pure enchantment and awe. I will never tire of hearing about your glorious adventures and inspirations from Mexico...


And that crown! Oh my!


Rebecca ~ beautiful post as always ~ you are blessed ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Your writing is so gorgeous and evocative it makes one feel that surely they are catching something of the beauty you experienced in that moment. I am feeling a lingering numinous awe from what I read, even as I type this comment.

Thank you for letting your light shine.


Love and light glowing here this morning
warming up all of our hearts.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Because wonders always appear here, it is always a wonder to appear here! Thank you for this holy space.

Forest Dream Weaver

Exquisite - I'm speechless.........

Thank you Rebecca,sweet dreams!


I've read the story and went back to read it again. Thank you for the links. I needed that this morning. Feeling the absense of those now again, but coming here has helped me today. Beautiful crown Rebecca, just awesome. Have a Happy Mary Day.


Thank you for sharing your Mary story Rebecca, I am speechless. Have a prayerful day.



crowning the glory of self, a self shared, a self stretched beyond what need be done, a self that gathers community, song and joy - blessing on your day today..

Hettienne Grobler

such a beautiful story and it deeply touches the soul of us all - this is one of my favourite pictures of your Marys - have a blessed day of sharing Her Love for you with others

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

Your story had to have inspiration given to you by Mary. I cannot really find the proper phrase to say how your words show such devotion. You are gifted.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Another inspiring story. How I love the marigolds. j


That is a beautiful story Rebecca. You are a special,chosen one. I loved reading it. If that had not happened to you, I would not have been directed to your blog and learned so much and felt so much love that you and others have. Thank you.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

ahhhhhhh! SoOOOOooOoooOo Beauty Full dear sweet Rebecca, the crown and I love that story too as I remember it often, just the other day as I was gazing at one of my Marys with dried marigolds nearby in fact! IMAGINE the crown we will recieve, hopefully!! Come dance with me darling girly!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I always enjoy hearing the story of your night with Mary -- it hearkens back to being little, sitting on someone's lap, and commanding, "Read it again!" so the stories would never end.


Dear Rebecca, I did not know there was a story to go with the beginning of this annual journey we take. I will look forward to reading it a little later on this evening. Love. Annie

lulu moonwood murakami

Dear Rebecca, What a beautiful tribute this is. I am very much enjoying looking through others' blogs, revisiting old friends and finding new ones through these meditations on Mother Mary. I don't know if Mr. Linky worked for me, but I will be posting about Mary and linking back to you. Thank you for these opportunities you give us to be in touch with what is soulful.

xoxo lulu

Laura Hegfield

beautiful rebecca... I look forward to reading your original post link. My offering is not of Saints, but it is of heart, so I hope it is ok that I joined in this week.

lulu moonwood murakami

I just clicked on the link to read the full story - que milagro! What a beautiful thing to have happened to you, Rebecca! Blessings.

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