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December 31, 2012


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So glad to see you surfacing, Rebecca. Wishing you the happiest new year. 2013 will be great.


Hope all is well. Have a wonderful new year and may 2013 bring you health, happiness, and peace. Happy New Year Rebecca, to you and yours. Peace.


"the gathering cathedral of January". . . what a wonderful image. Good thought for a New Year.

Happy 2013 to you. :)


Happy New Year, Rebecca - may it be filled with Beauty, deep peace, radiant health and a rousing sense of humor!! xoxo


i am thinking of you, dear rebecca, on this first day of a new year. though i am a regular follower yet inconsistent poster, know that i hold your blog in high regard and look forward to your wise words and the sharing from your heartfelt community of friends. i feel the strength of your brave heart all the over here in my home next to the pacific. the japanese believe that the way you spend the first day of the year is an marker of the year to come. I spend this moment sending you warm hugs and wishes for the light of love that you share so graciously to come back to you manyfold. xo


Happy New Year to you Rebecca! May the light that shines from your heart return to warm you throughout 2013. Peace and good health!


Happy new year Rebecca!

Adriana Esqueda

Happy New Year, Rebecca.
May it be filled with hope, happiness, and renewal of mind and body. At this time when the earth is at rest we should also take the opportunity for rest and seek peace, remembering and counting our blessings.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Happy new year, Rebecca. What beautiful words to bring us into the new year.


Wishing you all LOVE, PEACE & JOY, Rebecca...I am thankful for the gifts you share here, and the beautiful perspective on life you illustrate. ((LOVE & HUGS))


Happiest of new years wishes to you Rebecca!

as always your words SHINE in my heart...


Laurie Zuckerman

Happy New Year to you, Rebecca. Your words are so calming and inspiring. Thank you for all the love you have brought to my life. May 2013 be "our" year!!!


{{ aaahhh...
------> ""Revel in life's simple pleasures.""
which is why i came
~~one more time~~
to read your lovely
heartfelt observations ...

thank you for One Fine Adventure
in 2012
i look with High Hopes
to another
in 2013 !!

happy new year, dear one !! }}

Laura Hegfield

Happy New Year dear Rebecca! May this be a year of healing, of compassion, of love and peace your YOU, for all beings and for the beautiful planet we call home.


Oh wonderful you! I am sorry I didn't come sooner to say Happy New Year...but I must have felt you calling...I chose the word Shine as my personal word for this new year...seems like the happiest of happenstance. Love you Rebecca♥

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