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December 16, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Once the light is lost, what can anyone do?


dare i even begin to answer the question in so many hearts of what is possible magical mystical teacher?

love fiercely. and then love some more.


My dearest Rebecca... How glad I am that you could begin your day this way... that your mother's voice could wrap around and through you and hold you so tenderly... I think we live in the darkest time ever... we must be the seeds of light now, in any way we can. How glad I am to have this fertile soil to till with you. It is the greatest gift of my life, you and this sacred cyberspace... XO


I am so profoundly saddened...this unspeakable tragedy has really hit home for me. The combination of having been an elementary teacher and fearing for friends and family still in the ranks, the shattered innocence, the loss of a close friend this week, and processing yet another personal loss...I can't seem get my head around the horror and anguish, the finality. It reminds me of 911 when Americans were all stunned and mourning, but felt so utterly helpless. I find myself going within, trying to sort things out, yet sending near constant prayers and love to those affected...hoping against hope for some tiny shred of solice for their rawness...


Holding the light with you.. no words seem quite appropriate, I have offered a small video that gives me hope for our world.


Holding tight to our dearest ones will give us comfort. You are so lucky to still be able to hear your mother's voice.


It is so hard to see any light this weekend. I can hug my own tighter (two teachers) but the heart feels the emptiness of those other mothers, those other teachers. All we can do is pray and keep loving. Hug your mother for us , Rebecca, she gave us a wonderful gift!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Thank you Rebecca. I could have gone there with my Sunday Wordle but decided not to.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Dear Rebecca:
I simply couldn't visualize paradise on this, a day of continued mourning. I had been making art, writing, and perhaps will have something to say tomorrow or the next day. But today my heart is broken. I know the sadness of losing a child. It felt -- and I can say with authority for the parents whose children have been taken from them -- like a black hole of grief from which no goodness or light would ever emanate.


I'm happy for you that you can have this relationship with your mother. I was not so fortunate, but I AM a mother who is here for my own child, and she can call me any morning she wishes and I will be overjoyed to hear her voice. As to the sadness of the mothers in Newtown, my heart cries for them, because I, too, have had that sadness. The precious children are now happy in God's hands, but the mothers...oh they now suffer knowing the child from their womb is no longer.

God Bless you Rebecca.

Sue Fox

I am lost for words here, only that I take comfort in our togetherness, it means so much. x


Thank you for being a light in the darkness, Rebecca!


You are blessed to be able to call your Mom ~ hugs to you both and lovely post and photo ~ Light is so healing ~

(A Creative Harbor ~ aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

You know that you are blessed still to have your mother around to bring you comfort. I am happy for you, but I can't stop crying when any mention of this terrible tragedy comes to my mind.
My thoughts drift back to when our school started locking the doors of our school buildings after a man had escaped from the mental unit in the hospital across the street from our school. Then a young college person chose the sunken garden close to two of our buildings to commit suicide. (Our school has a campus of buildings, not just one.) But the young man got in any way. I shudder when I think how much more horrific those episodes at our school could have been if those people had chosen to shoot their way into our buildings.


Holding the love and light together helps... This is lovely, Rebecca. I spent much of the weekend in tears and prayer, trying to hold peace in my heart after in the midst of the terrible tragedy in CT this past Friday... ((LOVE & HUGS))


Lovely post, Rebecca. It made me remember my own mother and wish I could call her. I pray for all those involved.


This is beautiful Rebecca... I don;t think words will ever be able to describe this tragedy, this atrocity...

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