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December 08, 2012


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Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

How'd I get to be the first to post today? : )

What an incredibly loving post for all humanity to embrace. Those words express how I feel about other faiths-this spiritual banquet where we choose how to be express our spirituality. And if you think of our Creator as the ultimate in creativity, this approach is totally consistent with being creative.

I hope I'm making sense!


Really lovely, gentle post this morning, Rebecca.


That's the best looking Buddha I've seen. Mia has a collection, but hers are all new.
wonderful post...a soothing way to begin the day...remembering to carry the light♥


Powerful, POWERFUL message! The truth as it is and should be.


This is so beautifully expressed! You have made my day with this wonderful post! Thank you. I am sharing my Marys today. I could not post daily but have collected many of my Marys into one post. Thank you for the gentleness of this journey.


Yes we are part of one LOVE/light, and a prism of divine perspectives. I honor them all.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Devotion is the key that unlocks so many doors...


Morning Rebecca. Thank you for these words. It's a great way to start the day. I feel raring to go despite a headache. tee hee. Just beautiful words, as are you.

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

what a blessing you are! You set a standard we should all emulate.
Speaking of Mary's day, I woke with such a sore throat and pain that I considered not going to Mass; today is a Holy Day of Obligation. But go I did, and I am feeling better. Lovely Mother of God may have something to do with it.

Forest Dream Weaver

Beautiful work.....thanks for the links. I love the forest of rainbow Buddhas!

Have a lovely day,


Tonight I will light the first candle on the menorah to honor Milt and that strand of faith he brought to my life to remember the sacredness of all, the light that shines no matter who or where we are...

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Was it a dream or a past-life fragment? Either way, it was magical and defining.

Hettienne Grobler

yes it is only a dream and we are One! thank you for holding up the Light and the Love so brightly and with such passion!

Laurie Zuckerman

I have just been introduced to Anado by Magical Mystery Teacher and yourself. I bow down to his obsession with color and folk art and spirituality in their home. Unbelievable. I have posted one of my own highly-colored altars at my blog, for all of your readers who truly embrace color and art!


Wonderful post honoring all the possible holidays ~ beautiful photos as always ~ (A Creative Harbor) aka 'ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^

Dawn Elliott

I couldn't make my morning with Mary' due to internet issues (fixed or not???), but am pleased to be able to join you this evening.
We are not so different afterall...all learning what our 'people' know and hopefully also being taught tolerance and appreciation of diversity...or at least coming to that realization on our own.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I've also thought about the culture, tradition and religion I was born into--and it could have gone so differently. Though not practicing religion per se, my mom, especially, was Christian in her soul so I was taught early about Jesus--but not about Mary. Later my mom became a Baptist and that's the religion I was brought up in, only later converting to Catholicism. I have always been religiously curious so have visited churches, synagogues and temples around the world. My M.A. is in comparative religions. The past six years I have found a church home at a small congregation only steps away from home--Christ Episcopal Church. I became very Mary conscious in my many years as a Catholic.

peggy gatto

color, color, color, that's me!

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