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December 04, 2012


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Dawn Elliott

This incredible image, along with your wise and beautiful words, is the perfect beginning to a new day of graditude and love. I'm loving every step of this journey with you!

Hettienne Grobler

With such a divine Muse, the piece of art can only but be inspirational! This cigar box of yours is my inspiration today.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Mary's breastplate (what else should I call it?) reminds me of a sunflower ripe with seed!


Beautiful shrine box, Rebecca - I can see and feel the love that went into it and pours out of it.

Forest Dream Weaver

Beautiful artwork and words Rebecca.Each day brings new energy and inspiration.

Thank you!


Eternal Love blooming here.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

Ahhh....a few days late in joining, but so be it! So very happy to be doing this again this year!
I so love that cigar box shrine! And all the details you've shared exemplifies all that you are-incredible!


This is fantastically beautiful, with love feelings showing in your words as well. I love this!


Always so eloquent Rebecca...I finally made it here... I was having so much trouble with blogger...
Anyway it's a blessing to be back in your glow.


A lot of energy in this along with your beautiful words which fill the heart. Thank you.


Stunningly radiant with life and gentle love.


Your blog and the posts of Mary are like a beautiful prayer of praise. I am thrilled to take part.


Oh dear, I have made a mess of things and have three entries. I have tried to get rid of two of them but failed miserably. So sorry.


a true creator, you she we

Cinda Rae Oliverio

EVERYTHING as Beauty Full as ever!!! here and I see a few names I remember!! Not that much online anymore but my daughter is teaching me to get my new pics online so maybe one day I will get it back together! That was 2 years ago Rebecca I joined in, the first year wasn't it?! How wonderful to see Mary again and I have to come back later
to get that cinnamon bead recipe! Thank YOU dear woman of my heart!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I actually left my URL and comment on yesterday's post, Rebecca, so here it is again. Sorry to be starting late, but better late than never, right?

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