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December 13, 2012


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peggy gatto



Yes, Rebecca... I look, and behold such amazing beauty, this stardust, this holy light, this becoming, these perfect silhouettes... XOXOXO

Magical Mystical Teacher

After all that "Marying," I'm surprised (but pleased) that you have the energy to gather us together this morning for a haiku feast. I'll be back with my casserole a little later, after the muse decides which ingredients to dish up. Until then, I shall sip from that pool of perfect, holy light.


What a beautiful image and haiku, Rebecca! Good morning from NJ!


Good morning! Yes the light becomes a beacon in the darkness in this month of December. Thank you for sharing YOUR light, Rebecca!


Yes indeed. I see these things, searching Heaven and Earth in hopes of seeing what might be beyond the Star Nation. Justbyesterday, shared a conversation with Mrs. Spadoman about having things on hand at home to start an early morning fire to gaze into on the cloudy mornings. The whole idea is to catch the light and "see"


Kim Mailhot

Your words and vision made me love stardust even more !
Sending bright light and warm burning love to you, Beautiful Rebecca !


The stars were so large and bright when I got up this morning at 5...I've never seen them look so close.
I love the way you've connected star-light and the flame each of us carries inside...we are one.


What a beautiful sight first thing this morning. I LOVE looking at the stars ~ they truly are magical and have tales to tell if we take the time to ponder and listen.
Thank you for your inspirational posts, Rebecca. I love visiting your Blog. I especially loved the posts about Mary, our Blessed Mother. She is so very special to all of us.
Have a happy, blessed day.
audrey xoxo


I, too, search for stardust...especially this week, after losing a close friend. Already, another friend has felt her presence in a small miracle...I will keep my eyes to the heavens for more...
Thank you for such an uplifting post today, Rebecca!


Adore this photo ~ magnificent and magical ~ Lovely haiku ~ can feel the light all around me ~

(A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^


Light... I seek it all the time. And I feel that we ARE the LIGHT. We are all one with the Light and Love of the Universe. LOVELY this today, Rebecca...Blessings ((HUGS))


Thank you for lifting my spirits...


Deb Taylor

I am here once again...following your beacon of love and light.


Part of my words were affected by the tragic school shooting this morning ~

Peace and prayers to all ~


Dearest Rebecca, I am searching for the shining light after the darkest hours. I know it is there for us all to touch reminding us of the duality of life. Hugs to you.


Last night... when I could not sleep, I came here and read and re-read the love haiku of our community, these heart love notes from this Friday. How grateful I am for this, these words and images were salve to my heart, and fuel my courage. Thank you Rebecca, for giving us this community, these rippling circles in cyberspace... XOXOXO

Cinda Rae Oliverio

What a MOST beautiful picture my dear woman! Holy Fire, Stardust, LIGHT me up like a battery of LOVE!


Somehow my link got taken off ~ so have put it back ~ Sometimes when I comment to you ~ the link gets taken off ` ~ Will see what happens this time ~ hugs ^_^

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