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December 03, 2012


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Really beautiful photos, Rebecca - I love the 2nd from last one with the brightly colored wall and artwork behind her. I can see why she is one of your favorites.


Good morning Rebecca ! It's wonderful to hear from you! I was looking forward to Virgin a day. Thank you for once again including me. I am looking forward to participating as much as I can!i will most definitely be delighting myself with everyone's posts!thanks again!

Magical Mystical Teacher

She is a soulful one!


wonderful post and photos ~ wishing you the best in the day ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Stunning and passionate I can feel her heart.


Very soulful and beautiful. Enjoy your day.

Dawn Elliott

MMMMmmmmm...I've been waiting for her to show up. I do believe that she's my all-time favorite madonna! Thank you for introducing me to her on that incredible trip to San Miguel together. Each adventure is better than the last...I can't wait to see what awaits us for Holy Week 2013!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

She is indeed a beautiful Virgin.


that virgin/manniken must be very old by the looks of the wood construction. Nice.


Yes indeed, very beautiful - those soulful eyes...


Hettienne Grobler

oh so so beautiful! It is through your sharings and last year's Virgin pilgrimage that I learnt about the Santos and that I imported one all the way from over the ocean!! what a treat these 12 days are! thank you!


Thank you so much for doing this every year, Rebecca. It is a major event that I always look forward to.

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

oh, my! Her passion for us lowly humans is shown in her eyes, bringing hope to us for whom she intercedes to her Son.

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

I hope you can delete my first (#15) link because it takes you to the wrong post. Sorry, I don't understand how the error occurred.

Forest Dream Weaver

Lovely words Rebecca. I love her neck and head adornments.


Fran aka Redondowriter

Late to start, but I did post today with an old photo from an unknown person's album in the 1930s featuring photos of South America and Mexico. I particularly love this photo. Thanks for hosting us.

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